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Oldies but Goodies

When seeking value, going with age can make you look like a sage

FANTASY OWNERS,like stock traders, aim to buy low, sell high. They look for the emergingplayer headed into a breakout season and move off the big star before he fades.If a veteran has a down year or an injury, put your money someplace else.

But this mind-setcan cause owners to miss productive players. Take Brett Favre. Didn't he throwfor 18 touchdowns and 18 interceptions last year? Isn't he, like, just a fewweeks from being eligible for Social Security? (Actually, he turns 38 onOct. 10.) Who would draft him ahead of a budding, if unproven, player likeMatt Leinart?

This season Favreand the other players on this page are showing the importance of weighing trackrecord against potential. Armed with young receivers Greg Jennings and JamesJones--and with an improved defense getting him the ball more often--Favrelooked like his old self on Sunday, throwing pinpoint passes and shredding afeared Chargers defense for 369 yards and three TDs. That's even better thanhis numbers (three TDs, 286 yards) against the sievelike Giants the weekbefore. Think Favre can't keep it up? Don't kid yourself.

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Got a proposal? Run your trade ideas by other owners

Randy Moss

REMEMBER THAT step the 30-year-old receiver was supposedto have lost? Either he found it or he had one to spare. Through three gamesMoss has 22 catches for 403 yards and five TDs.

Jake Delhomme

HIS EIGHT TD passes in the first three weeks of '07 werenearly half the 32-year-old's total for all of '06. Let's hope his elbow injurydoesn't derail his season.

Edgerrin James

IN 2006 the former Colt produced as if he had gone toArizona for semiretirement. But the 29-year-old opened his ninth NFL season byrunning for 220 yards and two TDs in his first two games.

Kurt Warner

YOU MIGHT not want to pick up the 36-year-old just yet.But after his relief performance in Baltimore, ask Leinart's owners if Warnercan still have a fantasy impact.



37th heavenNeither his years nor the Chargers could slow Favre.