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Dwayne Johnson

The Rock, a former defensive lineman at Miami and ex--WWE champ, plays a QB in The Game Plan

SI: How did it feel to put on pads after 15 years?

Johnson: You lace up the cleats, strap on the helmet, and it all comes back to you. You're ready to get out there and ball.

SI: You were hurt a week into shooting?

Johnson: I rolled out, jumped up to throw and snapped my Achilles. Two weeks later I was back, but I went from a scrambling QB to a drop-back passer. I became Bernie Kosar.

SI: What about Miami's season (3--1) so far?

Johnson: That loss [to Oklahoma] was rough, [but] if you're going to lose, lose to someone good. It's like, If you're going to lose your starting job, lose it to Warren Sapp.

SI: Which you did at Miami.

Johnson: Back then the NFL was my dream. Now I tell Warren, "Thanks to you, I'm in Hollywood." He says, "I'd much rather be you than taking on 300-pound linemen every week."

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