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For the Record


By Jeff Novitzky, a lead investigator in the BALCO case, that boxer ShaneMosley (below) engaged in a doping regimen before his 2003 fight against OscarDe La Hoya. As reported by, Novitzky told an international antidopingconference last November that Mosley took the clear and the cream—steroids thatother BALCO clients, including Barry Bonds, have been accused of using—as wellas the blood-doping drug EPO. Mosley won a unanimous decision over De La Hoyain '03; later that year he testified before the BALCO grand jury. "I'mdisappointed that this is coming out again, four years after I've been to theGrand Jury and gave my truthful testimony," Mosley, who denied knowinglytaking the drugs, said in a statement.

At age 77 of cancer, Blackhawks owner William Wirtz. The team was purchased byWirtz's father, Arthur, in 1954, and 12 years later the younger Wirtz becameteam president. Wirtz was one of the NHL's most influential owners—he helpednegotiate the NHL-WHA merger in 1979—but Chicago fans came to resent some ofhis tactics. He balked at spending on player salaries and rarely televised homegames in an attempt to spur attendance. Wirtz never produced a championship—theBlackhawks last won the Stanley Cup in 1961.

After being shot while driving near campus on Sunday, Memphis defensive linemanTaylor Bradford. Police believe that the 21-year-old Bradford, a junior who hadyet to play in a game this year, was the victim of a planned attack. He wasdriving near a university housing complex around 9:45 p.m. when he was struck;he then crashed his car into a nearby tree and was pronounced dead at a Memphishospital. Classes at Memphis were canceled on Monday as a precaution.

At age 71, four-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist Al Oerter (below, center), ofheart failure. Oerter won the discus gold at the 1956, '60, '64 and '68 Games;he and Carl Lewis (long jump) are the only athletes to take gold in the sameevent in four straight Olympics. After he retired, Oerter became an abstractartist, sometimes using a discus to paint (SI, July 2). He had a history ofhigh blood pressure, and in 2003 doctors recommended a heart transplant, butOerter demurred. "I've had an interesting life," he told SI lastsummer. "I'm going out with what I have."

Chairman of Yankee Global Enterprises, the umbrella company of the team and theYES Network, Hal Steinbrenner, 38, son of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.The post was previously held by Steve Swindal, the elder Steinbrenner'sson-in-law. Hal is now the likely successor when his father, 77, cedescontrol.

From the Florida State athletic department, a learning specialist and anacademic tutor implicated in a cheating scandal involving 23 athletes. FloridaState ordered an internal investigation in March after an unidentified athletereported that the learning specialist directed him to take a quiz for anotherathlete. (The school has not named the learning specialist or the tutor.) Theschool determined that several athletes were given test and quiz answers, orhad papers written for them.

As a presidential candidate by a coalition opposed to Russian presidentVladimir Putin, former chess champion Garry Kasparov (above). Kasparov has beenone of Putin's harshest critics, accusing him of corruption and retarding thegrowth of democracy. Still, Kasparov is expected to have little chance ofdefeating the candidate Putin backs next March. "Chess has rules,"Kasparov said on 60 Minutes on Sept. 23. "In Russian politics there are norules at all. Except one rule: the Kremlin ... changing rules at theirconvenience."

From the Louisville football team, linebacker Willie Williams, after his Sept.26 arrest for marijuana possession. Louisville police stopped Williams becausehe was playing his car stereo too loudly; he allegedly tried to hide marijuanain his mouth, and more was found in his car. Williams, 22, a senior, was thenation's top high school linebacker when he came to Miami as a freshman in2004, but he had already been arrested 11 times. He left Miami after the '05season, and after a year of community college he transferred to Louisville. Heplayed in three games this season.

They Said It

Senators forward, after suffering his second concussion in four months duringan exhibition game:
"I don't feel I have a concussion problem. I have a problem with peoplegiving me traumatic blows to the head."

Go Figure

17 Games this season in which Twins pitchers didn'tissue a base on balls, the most walkless games in the majors.

2 Times since 1900 that no major league team hasfinished with a winning percentage higher than .600 or lower than .400: the2000 season and this year.

.407 The Devil Rays' winning percentage, tied forsecond best among teams that have finished with the majors' worst record since1901.

14 Touchdown catches by Texas Tech receiver MichaelCrabtree in his first five games, tying the Division I record for most by afreshman in a season.

1,079 Errorless chances by Boston's Kevin Youkilis, anAL record for first basemen.

$99 Price of the Evander Holyfield Real Deal Grill,which the former heavyweight champ unveiled last week.

$100 million Total sales since 1995 of George Foreman'sLean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine, which Holyfield will competeagainst.


A Seattle company is selling Seahawks-themed soda inflavors that include Dirt, Natural Field Turf and Perspiration.







PICTURE THIS Sept. 26 World's largest swimsuit photo shoot (1,010 women), in Sydney.