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Tony Romo ... Earning His Spurs

HE HAS SHREDDEDthe vaunted Bears defense and thrown an NFC-best 13 TD passes, and despite hisfive interceptions against the Bills on Monday, Tony Romo's Cowboys are 5--0.In 15 career starts Romo has had some majestic highs—a five-TD game, a Pro Bowlselection—and one devastating low: His fumbled snap during a last-second fieldgoal try last January against Seattle may have cost Dallas a playoff win. Thatwas then. Now the 27-year-old bachelor leaves the placeholding duties toothers.

On his MySpacepage
That's not me! Someone made it up, and I don't know how to get rid of it. Theydid research and got some things right. But they say I do a Brett Favreimpression. That's a fabrication.

On hisancestry—his dad (Ramiro, a contractor) is of Mexican descent; his mom (Joan)has Polish and German roots
We didn't celebrate anything—no heritage holidays. Growing up [in Burlington,Wis.], I didn't feel I related to one particular race or culture.

On country starCarrie Underwood
I've been lucky to get to know her. We're friends. We've gone through similarwalks in life, and we enjoy hanging out. Last year I watched American Idol forthe first time.

His footballobsession
I think about the game a lot. When I go home after practice, sometimes I'llthrow a football into the couch for 20 minutes to work on a certain release.And I'll jot down notes. Say if suddenly something comes into my brain and I'mthrowing really good—maybe I felt like the ball was coming out in front of myhead and the release was later—I write that down and try to get the feelingback when stuff isn't going well.

His favoritehobby
Movies. We have a place in Dallas called the Studio Movie Grill where you sitand they serve you food while you watch a movie. I go anytime a new movie comesout. My favorite movie ever? The Natural.

On how he gotstarted in another favorite sport, golf
My mom worked at the local golf course; she was the waitress lady who ran theeatery. She would take me in to work when she opened up the place, around 5:30in the morning. I'd help rent out the carts, play a couple of holes, then go toschool.

His golf gametoday
A couple years ago I shot 69 in a local U.S. Open qualifying tournament inTexas—I missed going to the sectional by one [stroke]. I've never thought whatwould happen if I ever actually qualified, whether I'd be able to compete[given his Cowboys obligations].

The YouTube clipof him singing Don't Stop Believin' at a rock concert
I was in L.A. this off-season, and a buddy was like, You've got to come with usto this club. I was dreading it. It ended up being fantastic. This group MetalSkool played Journey, Guns N' Roses. They tried to call me up a couple oftimes, and I was like, No, no, no. Finally I was like, You only live once. Idon't think I'll ever be a rock star, so....

On T.O.
He's a little older, he's been around the league, and I think he wants to winnow. He wants to play well, but at the end of the day it's about winning andlosing for him. We get along well because we're both very competitive.

On no longer beingDallas's placeholder
I'm glad not to be doing it anymore. Part of it is because I wasn't verygood.