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To WBO heavyweight titleholder Sultan Ibragimov in a unanimous decision inMoscow, former champ Evander Holyfield (below). At age 44 Holyfield was tryingto become the second-oldest heavyweight to win a belt. He was beatendecisively, but Holyfield still maintained afterward that he will continue tofight. "I still want to be the undisputed heavyweight champ," he says."Did I do so bad that it's an injustice for me to try?"

In a motorcycle accident early last Friday morning, Florida defensive backMichael Guilford. A 19-year-old redshirt freshman who walked on to the teamlast year, Guilford was leaving an apartment complex near campus when themotorcycle he was driving struck a median. Guilford was not wearing a helmet,nor was his passenger, Florida junior Ashley Slonina, who was also killed.Gainesville police, who were awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports, said theybelieved the motorcycle was traveling 25 to 30 mph above the speed limit of35.

From open-heart surgery last Thursday, Wizards center Etan Thomas. During aroutine training camp physical, doctors discovered that Thomas, 29, had aleaking aortic valve. Dr. Hartzell Schaff, who performed the surgery, said theprocedure typically requires four to eight weeks of rehabilitation, but sinceThomas's sternum had to be broken, his recovery time will be longer. Still,Schaff did not rule out the possibility that Thomas might play this season. TheLakers' Ronny Turiaf underwent a similar procedure in July 2005 and played 23games in 2005--06.

By the NCAA, that referees will more strongly enforce rules on basketballcoaches' and bench players' behavior during games. Officials will givetechnical fouls to those who curse, taunt opponents or leave the coaches' boxon the sidelines. The refs who most effectively enforce the rules will be givenpreferential consideration when the NCAA makes conference and tournamentassignments.

Of a heart attack at age 76, spiritual leader and fitness guru Sri Chinmoy(below). In the 1970s Chinmoy was an adviser to several musicians, includingCarlos Santana and Roberta Flack; he promoted extreme physical activity likeweight lifting and distance running as a path to enlightenment. Chinmoy, whoclaimed that he slept only 90 minutes each day, was able to shoulder-press morethan 7,000 pounds on a custom-built lifting apparatus, and he put on publicdisplays of strength: lifting airplanes, animals, pickup trucks and more than8,000 people, including Nelson Mandela, Jesse Jackson, Eddie Murphy and300-pound former WBA heavyweight champ Nikolay Valuev.

At age 32, two-time Horse of the Year and Racing Hall of Famer John Henry(right). The gelding, a winner of 30 U.S. stakes races and more than $6.5million between 1977 and '84, was euthanized after suffering dehydration andkidney failure. Though he lacked distinguished bloodlines and didn't win aTriple Crown race, Henry was the top money-earning thoroughbred in history whenhe retired and was renowned for his longevity and competitive spirit. "Johnmeant the world to my family and me," said jockey Chris McCarron, who rodeJohn Henry 14 times. "He did so much for racing, even after he retired,that he will be impossible to replace."

At age 40, former Georgia and Miami Heat forward-center Alec Kessler, of aheart attack during a pickup basketball game in Pensacola, Fla. The 6'11"Kessler was the captain of the Georgia team that won the 1990 SEC title, theschool's only hoops conference crown. He was a first-round draft pick andaveraged 5.2 points in four seasons with Miami. After leaving the NBA in 1994he went to medical school and became an orthopedic surgeon in Pensacola.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, reigning heavyweight king Randy Couture,after 10 years in the UFC. Couture, 44, left last Thursday, a day afterlearning that potential contender Fedor Emelianenko had decided to sign withthe rival Russian M-1 Mixfight Championship rather than the UFC. Couture—a UFCHall of Famer and the circuit's first five-time heavyweight champ—said he wantsan opportunity to fight Emelianenko, which he couldn't do as part of theUFC.

Go Figure

3 Short-course world records set by U.S. swimmer KateZiegler last weekend: two in the 800-meter freestyle, lowering the mark to8:08, and one in the 1,500 meters (15:32.90).

2 Major leaguers who have drawn two bases-loaded walksin a postseason game: Jim Palmer in Game 2 of the 1971 World Series and MannyRamirez in Game 1 of this year's ALCS.

$5 million Amount donated last week by Patriots ownerand former Columbia football player Robert Kraft to the school's athleticfund.

$3,318,421 Prize money won this season by reigningLPGA Player of the Year Lorena Ochoa, the first woman to earn more than $3million.

136 Points scored in Boise State's 69--67 win overNevada on Sunday, the most in a Division I game since 1937.

8:15:34 Winning time by Australia's Chris McCormack inthe Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii.


A Texas Tech fraternity was suspended for sellingT-shirts with a drawing of Michael Vick hanging Texas A&M's caninemascot.

They Said It

Wizards guard, on what feels better, hitting a buzzer-beater or having sex:
"A buzzer-beater because it's harder. You can get sex every day."







PICTURE THIS oct. 13 Robosaurus at the Nextel Cup's Bank of America 500.