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October 29, 2007 Table Of Contents

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Strokes of Genius

A Connecticut pool powerhouse hasn't lost in 21 years

By Joe Lemire


The Return of the Native

Can Nebraska hero Tom Osborne restore the Cornhuskers to glory?

By Mark Bechtel

Grant Hill ... Behind the Sun

As told to Ben Reiter


For the Record

Max McGee, 1932--2007

By Paul Zimmerman

The Madness after King George

With the Boss no longer in power, the Yankees are scrambling to fill the void

By Tom Verducci

One Upwardly Mobile Man

Jumping boxes helps NFL safety Adrian Wilson build power and speed

By Ben Reiter

You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown

A new biography of Charles Schulz shows the athletic leanings of the Peanuts gang

By Kostya Kennedy

Going (Lime) Green

A neon hue is all the rage in Seattle

Q&A David Koechner

By Adam Duerson

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Faces in the Crowd

Hoover High Scandal Update

By Pablo S. Torre

SI Fantasy Plus

The New Elite

These players will be among the first picked at their positions next year

By Adam Duerson

Start 'Em


By David Sabino

Sit 'Em


By David Sabino

Intelligence Report

SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Fall Guy

A Comeback by Mike Weir Underscored This Point: There's a Lot of Life in a Season Left for Dead

By Alan Shipnuck

Residual Effect

Four weeks after his confidence-boosting win over Tiger, Mike Weir reaffirms that he's a match for any player

Off the Marko

Tiger text files to inspire O'Meara

By Jim Gorant

Big Play

By Mark Wood

American Young-uns

By Rick Lipsey

Moving Forward

Spelling out the steps Michelle Wie must take to succeed

By Caroline Silby


The Possible Dream?

The wait is finally over for the amazing Rockies, who, after enduring the longest-ever layoff between playoff series, face their most formidable opponent yet in the Red Sox. Behind Josh Beckett, the best postseason pitcher of his generation, Boston is in the midst of an October surge of its own

By Tom Verducci

Who Will Win It All?

Their regular-season records suggest a vast disparity, but the Rockies and the Red Sox share plenty of similarities

By Joe Sheehan, Baseball Prospectus

College Football

Mizzou Accomplished

With a more relaxed coach Gary Pinkel loosening the reins, Missouri has a newfound swagger, scoring points in bunches and showing it can play a little defense too

By Austin Murphy


When He Is Bad...

... Islanders left wing Chris Simon is horrid: a stick-swinging recidivist who drew a 25-game ban for slashing an opponent's face. So why do so many players—and his beloved coach—stand by him?

By Michael Farber


Shadow Warriors

Like their brethren across the league, the Detroit Lions' practice squad players live in a world of blurred lines and constant uncertainty, one step removed from the NFL dream—or from football oblivion

By Lee Jenkins


Extreme Makeover

In a span of 33 days this summer Celtics G.M. Danny Ainge pulled off two megadeals that reversed the course of his stumbling franchise, bringing together three All-Stars who have Boston thinking championship again. Here's how he did it

By Ian Thomsen

Kobe's Summer Vacation

Stern Action Required

The commissioner must take stronger measures to regain the public's trust after the Tim Donaghy debacle

By Jack McCallum

Inch by Inch: The Alltime, All-Size All-Stars

Who's the best at every height? Pro, college, men and women all included. Is it Bird or Magic? Elgin or Oscar? Shaq or Wilt? Calvin Murphy or Sue Bird?

Scouting Reports

1 Boston Celtics

Forget the All-Stars. Their season ultimately depends on a green point guard

By Chris Mannix

2 Detroit Pistons

The veteran core is recommitted--and relieved to see new juice on the bench

By Richard Deitsch

3 Chicago Bulls

A breakout star at forward will try to become a nightmare matchup at guard

By Elizabeth McGarr

4 Miami Heat

In fighting trim, an aging Shaq is out to show he's still able after a season of lows

By Marty Burns

5 Cleveland Cavaliers

A second-year guard works to prove that his playoff heroics were no fluke

By Elizabeth McGarr

6 New York Knicks

Yet another big talent is added, but this one will get the club back to the playoffs

By Chris Mannix

7 Washington Wizards

This high-scoring bunch hopes to surprise by putting more emphasis on defense

By Marty Burns

8 Toronto Raptors

If the Euro vet has a good leg to stand on, playoff hopes will be just as strong

By Chris Mannix

9 New Jersey

A healthy big man is needed to balance the vaunted perimeter attack

By Chris Mannix

10 Orlando Magic

It's what's up front--a high-scoring vet joining a young All-Star--that counts

By Marty Burns

11 Milwaukee Bucks

The No. 1 pick of '05 is bigger and wiser, but he still has a lot to prove. Just ask him

By Elizabeth McGarr

12 Indiana Pacers

New coach, new offense--but most likely similar results for this team in transition

By Richard Deitsch

13 Atlanta Hawks

NCAA champion will provide physical play. But wins? Later, Gator

By Marty Burns

14 Charlotte Bobcats

A young club looks to a veteran guard who's not afraid to take the big shots

By Marty Burns

15 Philadelphia 76ers

An inexperienced team has a lot of growing to do before it can contend again

By Chris Mannix

1 Dallas Mavericks

No more setbacks for this favorite, which finally will be the last one standing

By Gene Menez

2 San Antonio Spurs

Only one man can push the champs to greater glory: their globe-trotting guard

By Gene Menez

3 Phoenix Suns

An unhappy All-Star could upset the balance of a team that has designs on a title

By Jack McCallum

4 Denver Nuggets

A talented lineup that's ready for a deep playoff run will rely on a maturing star

By Arash Markazi

5 Houston Rockets

At long last, from Argentina, comes a power forward who complements Yao

By Gene Menez

6 Utah Jazz

This point guard won't settle for second best--from himself or from his team

By Arash Markazi

7 Golden State Warriors

Starting anew as captain, this Jack vows to be as nimble as he was last spring

By Jack McCallum

8 New Orleans Hornets

The recovery of their three-point shooter has them thinking postseason

By Gene Menez

9 Los Angeles Lakers

Will their young center mature into the Kobe-approved player he needs to be?

By Jack McCallum

10 Los Angeles Clippers

A streaky guard becomes the key to the playoff hopes of a banged-up club

By Jack McCallum

11 Memphis Grizzlies

Top-to-bottom changes soothe a franchise player who wants to win--now

By Gene Menez

12 Sacramento Kings

An odd choice of coaches won't stop the slide of this once-proud franchise

By Jack McCallum

13 Portland Trail Blazers

A wait-till-next-year club will start laying the foundation for the future

By Arash Markazi

14 Seattle Supersonics

A new coach and two talented draft picks give hope to a team in transition

By Arash Markazi

15 Minnesota Timberwolves

Becoming the next franchise icon is way too much to ask of this 22-year-old

By Arash Markazi

NBA PREVIEW: 2007-08

5 Minute Guide

Who's getting hardware, who's getting dealt and what to keep an eye on this season

By Ian Thomsen


Inside: The Week In Sports

College Football

By Gene Menez


By Jim Trotter

King's Corner

By Peter King

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

High School Football

By Sarah Kwak


By Mark Beech

Life of Reilly

Mile-High Madness

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off

Follow the Bouncing Ball

For SI senior writer Jack McCallum, the NBA has evolved into a year-round beat

By Ben Reiter