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Q&A David Koechner

The comedian, 45, plays coach Lambeau Fields in the sports spoof The Comebacks

SI: Your character is a riff on coaching clichés. That almost seems easy.

Koechner: You have great fodder there. I have all these coaches in my head—movie and real coaches. I grew up near Kansas City, so I especially loved Hank Stram in those NFL Films clips where he's slapping his hand with his playbook.

SI: Were any athletes willing to spoof themselves?

Koechner: We shot a scene riffing on the 1986 World Series with Bill Buckner. He re-created it. Do you know why? His daughter is an actress, and it helped get her in the movie. That was one of the most loving and noble things a father could do.

SI: You've played a coach, a commissioner (in Semi-Pro, due out next spring) and a sportscaster (Anchorman). Is that a conscious casting trend?

Koechner: I think all of those characters might be somewhat bombastic. And that would certainly be something that's in my wheelhouse.

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