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The New Elite

These players will be among the first picked at their positions next year

AND THE FIRSTpick in the 2008 NFL fantasy draft is... Adrian Peterson? What would have beena Reed Richards--like stretch three months ago, when the Vikings rookie went inthe fifth round of the average fantasy draft, suddenly doesn't sound all thatcrazy. Peterson, like the other players on this page, has quickly elevated hisstock. If "AP or LT?" isn't a debate next August, then "Who goesthird, after LT and AP ?" will be.

Sound rash? It'snot just that Peterson's numbers (670 rushing yards, six TDs in six games) areso impressive. It's also because the usual suspects are all, well, a littlesuspect. Larry Johnson's O-line looks to be in decline; Steven Jackson was an'07 bust before his groin injury, and Shaun Alexander and Frank Gore barely topPeterson's numbers—¬≠combined. Plus, AP will only improve as he learns how totake advantage of Minnesota's talented line; against the Bears in Week 6 he ranbehind All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson for all three of his TDs. As long asPeterson is behind Hutch, you should consider getting behind Peterson.

Tony Romo

HE DIDN'T PICK upwhere he left off in 2006; he went to the next level. In seven games this yearRomo already has as many touchdown passes (16) as he had in 10 starts lastseason.

Jason Witten

ROMO'S FAVORITEtarget in '07 (Witten has eight more catches than T.O.) could be everybody'sfavorite TE in '08—if Romo, a free agent after the season, doesn't bolt.


EXPERIENCE PLUSgood health plus Derek Anderson has equaled fulfilled promise for thethird-year wideout, whose TD totals have risen from three to six to sevenalready in '07.

Nick Folk

ANOTHER COWBOY?Giddyap. This rookie kicker is not only 5 for 6 from outside the 40 but is alsoplaying for one of the league's highpowered offenses.


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Rookie Peterson has six TDs in his first six games.