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Q&A Faith Hill

The country music star and wife of Tim McGraw sings the theme for NBC's Sunday Night Football

SI: As a kid, did you dream of singing a football song?

Hill: No. [Laughs.] It's not something I thought about.

SI: Is the song easy to sing?

Hill: Yeah. It rocks. And I know what every Sunday game is going to be.

SI: Your friend Brett Favre said that Tim outpunted his coverage when he married you. You agree?

Hill: That it comes from Brett, a fellow Mississippian, is a compliment. But Tim did not outpunt his coverage. I outpunted mine.

SI: What will happen to your Titans this year?

Hill: They will make the playoffs—a prediction from me and Tim.

SI: There are two minutes left, and your team needs a TD. Is your QB Brett Favre or Vince Young?

Hill: Oh, my God. You did not just ask me that. Both are capable of running it in for a score. But I'm going to be in trouble for saying Vince.

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