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Reggie Wayne ... Colts Crusader

HE'S A WEALTHY and eligible bachelor, and when he puts on his uniform he can foil a defense's most dastardly plans—so Colts receiver Reggie Wayne has more in common with Bruce Wayne than a surname. At 28, he's an NFL superhero: Peyton Manning's new go-to guy. Can his Colts get by the mighty Pats this week? Can Wayne match the seven catches he has averaged against New England for the past two years? Tune in on Sunday.

On Batman
I was a fan of the cartoon, and in high school friends called me Bruce Wayne. [ESPN'S] Chris Berman took it to the next level with Reggie "Out of the Batcave" Wayne.

Halloween while growing up in the New Orleans area
I dressed as a Saints player, but my mom didn't want me going trick or treating. I used to sneak out of the house looking for that good candy. You never wanted butterscotch.

On being a Patriots fan as a kid
It's not something I share with my teammates. I grew up loving the Saints, but they weren't good, and the nickname of the high school in my town was the Patriots, so I started following New England.

On his mother's name
Her first name is Euwayne. What are the chances that she marries a guy with the last name Wayne? Sometimes she'll go by her middle name, Denise, because everyone is always like, Your name is Euwayne Wayne?

The death of his 31-year-old brother, Rashad, last September
He drove a produce truck. He lost control of it in the rain one morning and went into a guardrail on a highway outside New Orleans. The team embraced me to help me get through it. Especially Coach Dungy because he was in a similar situation the year before with the death of his son. Dungy, [team president] Bill Polian and all the receivers and team captains came to the funeral. It made me realize there's a level of brotherhood on this team.

On having his best season last year: 1,310 receiving yards, a Super Bowl win and the Pro Bowl
I feel like my brother had a hand in it. Especially when that ball was in the air against New England during our final drive in the playoffs and I somehow came down with it. My mother is really spiritual and also believes he had a lot to do with my success last year.

Starting this season with two TDs and 115 yards against New Orleans
I get into it when we play the Saints because everyone at home will see the game. It was kind of like practice because [former Colt] Jason David covered me and we had battled each other for years at our practice complex. I was familiar with how to beat him.

On showing up at training camp this year in full camouflage
That was an outfit I wear for paintballing—I wore it to set a theme that we're the Super Bowl champs and everyone is going to be gunning for us. We're out in the wild, and we're going to see you before you see us. That's my theme.