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Fearless Forecasts

Bold, yes, butour second-half outlook may not be fantastical

Adam Duerson,David Epstein and David Sabino gazed into the SI fantasy crystal football, andhere's what they foresaw.

Jacksonville'srunning back balance will shift in favor of Maurice Jones-Drew, who will top 10touchdowns and 1,200 yards. Jack Del Rio will do fantasy owners a favor andname Jones-Drew the Jags' starter before next year's fantasy draft rollsaround.

On Nov. 18 theGiants will lose to the Lions when Lawrence Tynes misses a last-second fieldgoal. Tynes will then be cut, opening up a spot for everyone's favorite idiotkicker, Mike Vanderjagt.

JaMarcus Russellwill get into his first game on Nov. 25 against Kansas City. He will throwthree TD passes, causing a late-season waiver-wire frenzy, and then he won'tthrow another TD pass for the rest of the year.

Owners waitingfor Steven Jackson or Rudi Johnson to return and play like their old selveswill be seriously disappointed. Respective groin and hammy injuries linger;neither will top five touchdowns.

On Nov. 22, tothe dismay of Ryan Grant and Kevin Jones owners, the Lions and the Packers willplay the first NFL game in history devoid of a rushing attempt.

Owners whodecided to "sell high" with Plaxico Burress, Braylon Edwards or RandyMoss back in September will curse the move as all three receivers make a run attopping Jerry Rice's record of 22 touchdowns in a season.

Leon Washington(below) will finish with more return touchdowns than Devin Hester. Next Aprilthe Dolphins will spend their first-round draft pick on "the next LeonWashington."

Baltimore coachBrian Billick will give up trying for touchdowns and order field goal attemptsimmediately upon crossing the 30-yard line.

LenDale Whitewill outrush and out-score his former USC backfieldmate Reggie Bush. Both,however, remain bigger contributors than Mario Williams.

After missingeight games due to a suspension, Chris Henry will return and put up numbers asthe Bengals' third receiver that surpass those of the Eagles' Reggie Brown as afull-season starter.

After Tom Bradybreaks Peyton Manning's single-season touchdown record, a new kind of QB debatebegins—abou whether one of them should be the No. 1 fantasy pick of 2008.




Top pick JaMarcus will riddle the Chiefs and roil the waiver wire.