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Chris Paul

On the Hornets' leaving Oklahoma City after two years
Fans there were hurt. They had a bond with us. I'd see fans on the street and they'd tell me we were a part of their family. The biggest adjustment I had to make to Oklahoma City was the wind. It blew so hard sometimes it almost knocked me over.

On being the first pro athlete on NPR's quiz show Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me
Too much fun! The show was being taped at Wake Forest [his alma mater], and I was there hosting charity events. They've had guests like Barack Obama on that show! I've watched game shows my whole life, but these questions [food related] were strange, I can't believe I got all three right.

His relationship with Jazz point guard Deron Williams
When we play against each other I want to beat him up, but otherwise we're the best of friends. We talk and text each other. We talk about being the next generation of point guard. We look up to Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. But at the same time, it's all about now.

Having the name of his Wake Forest coach, the late Skip Prosser, stitched onto his NBA game shoes
When I was recruited by colleges, assistant coaches called all the time. Coach Prosser made the calls to me himself. At Wake Forest, I struggled being a leader. He would tell me it was my team, he had confidence in me, and that made it possible to be in the NBA. He's family.

On playing for USA Basketball in 2006
I saw how I measured up against some of the world's best players, and it was a huge confidence booster. I tried to take something from each guy. Like Carmelo: When someone's guarding him that he doesn't feel can stop him, he won't settle for a weak shot. I try to do that now.

"We look up to Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. But at the same time, it's all about now."