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Myth Busters

The Red Sox wonthe World Series after Jonathan Papelbon graced your Oct. 1 cover. ThePatriots defeated the Colts to earn their second cover in a month. And theCeltics have started their season with a winning streak. Is it possible for onecity to single-handedly destroy the myth of the Sports Illustrated coverjinx?

Alexander Powell,New York City

Suggestions of aRed Sox dynasty (Party's Just Beginning, Nov. 5) are premature. All thatseparated Boston from watching the Indians play the Rockies in the World Serieswas one bad call at second base in Game 7 of the ALCS and an even worse call inthat same game by Cleveland third base coach Joel Skinner.

Philip Tsung,Walnut, Calif.

Your storyattributes the Red Sox' success to "relentless scouting and playerdevelopment." You've got to be kidding me! How about the $143 millionpayroll? That's more than their last two opponents, the Indians and theRockies, spent combined.

Brendan Nageotte,Powell, Ohio

Grudge Match

You write that the141 points scored in the recent Weber State-Portland State game (Go Figure,Nov. 5) was "an NCAA all-division record for a football game." Butwhile it's not counted as an official record, on Oct. 7, 1916, Georgia Techscored almost that many points by halftime (126) on its way to racking up 222points in a shutout of Cumberland College. Cumberland had dropped footballbefore the season, but as legend has it, Tech's coach, John Heisman (of HeismanTrophy fame), was angry about Cumberland's 22-0 thrashing of Tech in baseballthe year before and refused to let the Bulldogs out of their contract. SoCumberland threw together a team to play Georgia Tech rather than pay a finefor not appearing. And people think Bill Belichick likes to run up thescore!

Chuck Hadden,Arlington, Va.


Your feel-goodstory about the Artesia, N.Mex., high school football team (Inside High SchoolFootball, Nov. 5) says the program was "fresh off an 82-0 rout of Taoslast Friday." It is unconscionable to ring up 82 points against anyoutclassed high school opponent.

Steve Eastin,Burbank, Calif.

Playing Dumb?

Dolphinslinebacker Channing Crowder had a 3.5 GPA at Florida, was a member of theNational Honors Society and got a 30 on the Wonderlic. He was clearly jokingwith a reporter when he made what appeared to be ignorant remarks about London(They Said It, Nov. 5). People shouldn't get the wrong idea about thishumorous, intelligent athlete.

Chris Nelson,Berkeley Lake, Ga.

The Pits

After readingabout Carl Edwards's on-camera attack on teammate Matt Kenseth (Inside NASCAR,Nov. 5), I have two words for Edwards: Grow up! It's a shame that such talentis wasted on a man who has the maturity of a toddler. I've always thought thatTony Stewart was the biggest whiner in NASCAR. Boy, was I wrong.

Teresa Ladiski,Elsie, Mich.


Your story aboutAlberto Salazar and all he went through (No Finish Line, Nov. 5) reallytouched me. At first I was surprised to read that he kept running despite allhis health problems. But if there's one thing I have learned from reading SI,it's that men and women will risk their bodies on a daily basis to play thegames they love.

Jake Poklop,Palatine, Ill.


If David Stern isserious about regaining the public trust (Stern Action Required, Oct. 29)after the referee scandal, he should require officials to treat playersequally, regardless of their stature or tenure--something that is not happeningnow. We fans want a level playing field for all.

Bruce Sage, Troy,Mich.

Bench Marks

Your chartcomparing Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler with bodybuilder Jay Cutler (PLAYERS,Nov. 5) stated that the football player benched 225 pounds at the NFLcombine, while the bodybuilder has benched almost 550 pounds. That'smisleading: Jay Cutler benched 225 pounds 23 times at the combine(then a QB record) and has pressed 400 pounds!

Steve Cragon,Huntsville, Ala.

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MUSCLEMAN Cutler's combine numbers resembled a linebacker's.