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The All-Maddening

These players are just good enough to lead you to ruin

THE GUYS who ruinyour season aren't just the all-out busts; it's the players who tease you witha great game one week then collapse the next. How you deal with suchinconsistency is often what separates fantasy winners from whiners. As anexercise ask yourself this: What would I do with San Diego quarterbackPhilip Rivers, captain of the 2007 All-Maddening Team?

In Week 3,against Green Bay, Rivers threw for 306 yards and three touchdowns, making hima can't-miss start the next week against the Chiefs. But Rivers went TD-lessand threw two interceptions in that game--which suggested that he should be ano-go a week later, facing Denver. But back stormed Rivers, throwing for 270yards plus two TDs. Same story in Weeks 8 and 9: Rivers ate up Houstonbefore bottoming out against Minnesota's miserable secondary.

At least Rivershas shown owners this courtesy: After his latest three-game stretch (seventurnovers, one TD) he's revealed himself as a quarterback you absolutely don'twant to try riding into the playoffs.

Roy Williams

THE LIONS' wideoutis as unpredictable as his team, which lost to Arizona after slaughteringDenver. Often brilliant, he also has a trio of three-reception weeks.

Jason Campbell

HAS ANY PLAYER inyour league been signed and released more often than the Skins' QB? He stays inthe mix with games like that three-TD effort against Philly inWeek 10.

Jamal Lewis

EXCLUDING DAYS onwhich he ran for 200 yards (against Cincinnati) or scored four times (Seattle),the Browns' back has averaged just 48.9 yards and 0.38 TDs pergame.

Chad Johnson

SINCE WEEK 3Johnson has just one 100-yard game and zero touchdowns. You couldn't possiblysit this self-declared Future Hall of Famer, could you?


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 Give andTake

Rivers had 309 yards but only one TD and two INTs againstJacksonville.