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Pats Imperfect

The Patriots can't have a perfect season, at least in a world in which right and wrong are recognized. They were caught cheating during a game this year, and irrefutable proof of cheating should have led to that game being forfeited. That such a penalty wasn't imposed is both inexplicable and inexcusable.

Jim Ronca, Marlton, N.J.

In his story on the Pats-Colts game (New England Express, Nov. 12), Lee Jenkins wrote, "It took three new receivers--Moss, Stallworth and Welker--to restore a favorite New England tradition: Brady besting Peyton Manning." If the Pats played without Randy Moss, the way Indianapolis went without Marvin Harrison, the Colts would have left that game still gunning for a perfect season.

Peter Bowling Anderson

Willow Park, Texas

Is there a more unsung Patriot than linebacker Larry Izzo (Welcome to the 'Backerhood, Nov. 12)? The 12-year vet hasn't missed a game since 2002, and he's gone to three Pro Bowls as a special-teamer.

Robert J. Keren, Middlebury, Vt.

Midseason Madness

Let me get this straight: Dallas was tied for the second-best record in the NFL, and Dr. Z didn't pick any Cowboy for his mid-season All-Pro team (All-Pro Notebook, Nov. 12)? How can this be?

Tom Todd, Seguin, Texas

Orange Crushes

S.L. Price's farewell to the Orange Bowl (Players, Nov. 12) almost brought me to tears. I never thought the magazine that in 1995 called for the extinction of Miami's football program could do that.

Alan Strauss, Miami

Why We Love Sports

Many in my life don't understand how I can devote so much time to watching sports and spend my hard-earned money on season tickets--especially in the days of $300 million contracts, HGH accusations and sexual harassment suits. Thanks to Rick Reilly's It Isn't Just a Game (Life of Reilly, Nov. 12) for reminding me what exists at the core of sports: good old competition, a way to express passion and a unifier for family and friends.

Alex Rigney, Brooklyn

I was a Midwestern kid who played football, basketball and baseball. I thought sports would be my ticket out of Ohio, and it was. Athletics were the only reason I went to college, and I was the only one in my family to do so. After college I had a 13-year radio sales career, and I now own an ad agency. My high school coach told me that the lessons from sports carry over into life, and he was right. I attribute many of my accomplishments to athletics. Period.

Steve De Jacimo, Point Pleasant, N.J.

Reilly says that one of the reasons he likes sports is "there's no back door in" and that nepotism is not a factor. Penn State fans have two words for you: Jay Paterno.

Brian McNally, Easton, Pa.

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