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Helio Castroneves

The two-timeIndianapolis 500 champion from Brazil won ABC's Dancing with the Stars

SI: Where does theDancing with the Stars trophy go?

Castroneves:Between the two Indianapolis 500 trophies. When I look at these trophies, Iknow that when I put heart, soul, mind and hard work into something, I can doit.

SI: Why did youeven want to do this show in the first place?

Castroneves: Itwas a challenge. I had to get permission from my [Penske racing] team, but wethought it was a family show and it was positive. The only bad thing would havebeen if I was a bad dancer and voted off first. That would have sucked.

SI: Are you beingfollowed by paparazzi now?

Castroneves: Sofar it's O.K., but I haven't been at my house in Miami much. My secretary saidthere were some people around. That will be interesting. But, hey, if they comeby, I'll give them bread and juice and welcome them in.

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