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Pinch Me

Your cover, bysaying Kansas is having a Dream Season (So Far), suggests that a team only hasa dream season if it wins it all. What kind of yardstick is that? The progressthe Kansas football program has made in the past few years is nothing short ofa dream come true for its loyal, patient fans.

Andrew Zidel,Philadelphia

Did you seeKansas' collapse against Missouri coming when you added "so far" to thecover? (They Got Game, Nov. 26). The last time you put one of our footballteams on your cover (Nov. 17, 2003), the 9-0 Chiefs also lost the next week.Please don't put Kansas City-area football teams on the cover anymore!

Nolan Parker,Lenexa, Kans.

Modest Man

Please allow me topoint out, as game show hosts like me are wont to do, something that was wrong,or at least incomplete, in the way Chris Paul (Players, Nov. 26) describedhis appearance on our radio show, Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me. He wasn'tmerely "hosting charity events" in Winston-Salem, N.C., as he said,when he came on our show. He was putting on the second annual Chris PaulWeekend, a three-day extravaganza of charity balls, community service eventsand basketball clinics. Chris is correctly described as the first professionalathlete on our show, and I'm thinking that we should stop right there--so wecan go on believing that all players are as charming, generous and decent asChris Paul.

Peter Sagal,Chicago

Carr Talk

In writing aboutLloyd Carr's retirement (Players, Nov. 26), you say that the Michigancoach "will be remembered for his futility against archrival OhioState." I agree that Michigan's losing six of its last seven games to OhioState is unacceptable, but don't forget that Carr was 5-1 against the Buckeyesin his first six years as coach. An overall 6-7 mark is hardly futile.

John Milner,Bandera, Texas

Bad Newz

Kudos to GeorgeDohrmann and Farrell Evans for a revealing look into the life of Michael Vick(The Road to Bad Newz, Nov. 26) and those in his inner circle. Thisarticle should be mandatory reading for every professional athlete. Baron Davisis also to be commended for his approach of providing opportunities, and notjust money, to those in need. However, Davis's comment that "there isnothing wrong with making $70,000 to $80,000 a year" underscores thedisconnect between these million-dollar entertainers and the many Americans whowork hard and make much less.

Richard Beech,Grove City, Pa.

While I wasimpressed by your article on Michael Vick, I object to the characterization ofhim as "young and country." By no reasonable standard can the projectsin Newport News be described as "country." In fact, Mr. Vick'sflaw was being young and stupid.

Vinton M. PrinceJr., Wilmington, Ohio

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