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Q&A Venus Williams

The tennis star just released her own clothing line, EleVen, available at Steve & Barry's stores

SI: Why EleVen?

Williams: Actually, I liked the name Vie, like competing, but that name was taken. I would be in class [at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale; she graduates with a fashion design degree this week], dreaming up names.

SI: How hard were classes?

Williams: The lowest grade I got was a C, in drawing and perspective. I deserved an A. Then I got an A in a math class when I deserved a C. I guess it evened out.

SI: What does Venus Williams's closet look like?

Williams: You would see five boxes of clothing that I haven't had time to put away.

SI: Is there anyone on the tennis circuit whose style you appreciate?

Williams: I think Roger Federer looks classic, stylish and clean. And my sister, of course. Her style is a little racier, a little more risqué than mine. If she did a fashion line, hers would be more trendy. We could call it Trendy. Or S. Williams.

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