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The New Order

David Sabino projects the top picks of next year's fantasy draft

1 Tom Brady Whatother player could you want for your team, fantasy or otherwise, more than thePats' QB, who's averaging 315 yards per game and challenging Peyton Manning'sseason TD record of 49? The only potential rub is that Randy Moss will be anunrestricted free agent. But Moss wouldn't be silly enough to leave the coachand QB who revived his career . . . would he?

2 LaDainianTomlinson The consensus top pick in '07 shouldn't slide far following a year inwhich he is among the league leaders in both yards from scrimmage and TDs.

3 Adrian PetersonThe sensational rookie misses the second slot only because of the specter ofinjury: AD has already been sidelined for two games as a rookie.

4 Steven JacksonThe Rams had fantasy football's worst injury luck this year. Expect a hugebounce-back from the talented all-purpose back.

5 Brian WestbrookUnderrated no more. You don't have to be Eagle-eyed to see the value of his92.5 rushing yards per game, 74 receptions and 12 TDs in'07.

6 Joseph Addai Hecould easily lead the NFL in rushing TDs in '08.

7 Terrell OwensDallas's offense will keep T.O. happy.

8 Randy Moss SeeBrady at No. 1. Both would drop if Moss goes.

9 Larry Johnson Afull camp will help him rejoin the elite.

10 Ryan Grant He isthe top runner of '07's second half.

11 Willis McGaheeExcels despite the Ravens' passing game.

12 Ronnie Brown Hewas the NFL's yards-from-scrimmage leader before he tore his ACL.

13 Marshawn LynchThe engine of the Bills' offense.

14 Tony Romo He'llbe a bigger star than those he's been dating.

15 Peyton ManningHe rises if Marvin Harrison is at full speed.

16 Willie ParkerBank on yet another 1,000-yard season.

17 Darren McFaddenThe top college back will start as a rookie.

18 Braylon EdwardsHis 13 TDs this year are no fluke.

19 Justin FargasThe second-half star will be a top free agent.

20 MauriceJones-Drew Even while sharing the ball, he has 23 TDs in 29 career games.


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Brady has 47 total TDs and only 5 INTs this year.