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The Chosen One
Thank you for your wonderful profile of Brett Favre (Sportsman of the Year,Dec. 10). All season long I've pondered what I would tell my yet-to-be-bornchildren about this hero on and off the field. Your article says it allperfectly. I plan on saving this issue until they are old enough to understandit.
Jonathan Sigall, Forest Hills, N.Y.

What a treat toread about a person who has used his well-earned fame and wealth to help othersin need.
Robert Wallace, Crestwood, Ky.

I am inclined tothink Sportsman of a Generation may have been a more appropriate title andhonor.
Jed Martin, Fairbury, Neb.

For the secondyear in a row SI snubbed the most deserving candidate. Roger Federer was theobvious choice for many reasons: In 2007 he set the alltime record forconsecutive weeks ranked No. 1 (at 205 and counting); he won his fifthconsecutive Wimbledon championship; he won a record fourth consecutive U.S.Open title; he won three of the four Grand Slams (for the second year in arow); and his humanitarian work off the court is well-documented, including hisrole as a UNICEF international Goodwill Ambassador and his winning the LaureusSportsman of the Year Award for the third consecutive year. If he continues hisrecord-setting pace, perhaps next year SI will recognize a man—and a sport—ithas so obviously ignored in the past.
Arlen Kantarian
CEO, Professional Tennis, USTA
White Plains, N.Y.

Heart of theMatter
What an insightful and well-written article about the dangers of HCM (BrokenHearts, Dec. 10). David Epstein did a great job of imparting information andputting faces on a condition that should be familiar to all athletes, parentsof athletes and coaches.
Gary and Carolyn Waterson
Benzonia, Mich.

As an NCAA trackand field athlete and a two-time marathoner who has an abnormally large andglobular heart, I have been concerned with ailments such as HCM for some timenow. Although I have had my heart tested for general health, I have never hadit specifically tested for HCM. Your article opened my eyes and has given methe motivation to have my heart checked for specific conditions.
Scott Moncur, Providence

I predict thatEpstein's article will have the same effect as the publicity given to stressfractures in runners 25 years ago. It wasn't until sportswriters wrote aboutthe condition that physicians and athletic trainers took notice. The hugedifference, of course, is that Epstein's article will save lives. That is thegreatest contribution anyone can make to society.
Bill Moore, M.D., Santa Fe

Blood Drive
Kudos to S.L. Price for his great article on the extensive athleticachievements of the Rolles in the United States (Rolle Call, Dec. 10). Theirsuccess is a testament to how hard work and belief in family can make adifference for generations to come. No doubt Myron Rolle will succeed in hisplans to give back to the people of the Bahamas by opening a free medicalclinic there when his playing days end.
Ed Cotter, Riverside, Calif.

Eight Isn'tEnough
Your eight-team college football playoff just doesn't cut it (Can You SayPlayoff? Dec. 10). If a playoff doesn't include the C-USA, MAC, Mountain West,Sun Belt and WAC champs, it has no validity whatsoever. Eleven champions, fiveat-large bids, 16 teams. Let's get to it.
Marty Lange, Austin

The only solutionfor fans who want a playoff is to not watch the BCS games. Low ratings equalschange in the world of television. Period.
Steve Button, Addison, N.Y.

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Happy Trails

While I look forward to the return of Point After (Dec.10), I will miss Rick Reilly and his column. Reilly was a prime example of SI'scommitment to quality journalism. He made us think, laugh and cry. Thanks,Rick. A job well done.
C. Stuart Mauney, Greenville, S.C.

Editor's Note: Agreed. Rick's contribution to SI wasbrilliant, and all here wish him well.





GO-TO GUY Reilly's column had run on SI's back page since 1998.