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Q&A Everson Walls

The retired Cowboy donated a kidney to ex-teammate Ron Springs last February

SI: Ron has been in a coma since October. How often do you visit him?

Walls: Every couple of days. If I'm not there, my wife and daughter go. I squeeze his wrist or pull his ears—so he has something to react to. We all talk to him and say we're looking forward to him coming out of it.

SI: Do you feel any effects of the transplant?

Walls: My health is fine. I ran eight miles at the Dallas turkey trot. When you give a kidney, I would not say it's a small deal, but as long as your one kidney is healthy, you won't have problems.

SI: You're now a spokesman for organ donations.

Walls: It was tough for me to accept being labeled a hero. What I did for Ron was unconditional. I wasn't looking for anything.

SI: Will the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl?

Walls: The season started in Texas Stadium with Ron and myself as honorary captains. We hope we come full circle in a Super Bowl season.

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