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Five Most Memorable Encounters from My Super Bowl Week in Glendale

1 DAVID TYREE was at a restaurant last Thursday, and I heard him correct a man who called him a receiver. Tyree said he was just a special teams guy. Three days later he made the greatest Super Bowl catch ever.

2 TERRELL OWENS hung up on me during an interview that hadn't really begun yet. I was just telling him I was going to ask why he ripped me in his book. Is that wrong?

3 ROGER CRAIG told me that Joe Montana never raised his voice in the huddle. That's cool to me.

4 JIM McMahon scarred me for life by telling me he mows his lawn in a thong.

5 ADAM SANDLER told me that he used performance-enhancing drugs for his new movie. He was kidding—I think.

What Kept Me Awake Last Night
RAY GUY didn't get into the Hall of Fame. Again. This was his seventh turn as a finalist. I guess the voters are just saying, We'll never let a punter in. What, suddenly field position doesn't matter? Two decades after the Raider retired, he's still the standard at his position: Ask 100 football people who the best punter of all time is, and 100 of them will say, "Ray Guy." Besides, we've got to give Jeff Feagles some hope, don't we?

Rejected Titles for This Page
Dan-O-Mite, Anchors Away, Write of Passage, Paging Dan, Lukewarm Pizza, Impacted Truth, Word to My Mother, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Life of Reilly

Caption You'll Never See

IN THE LOCKER ROOM after the game, Peyton Manning told reporters, "I bet Eli didn't tell y'all that during his off week, he went to Canc√∫n with Lindsay Lohan. And, yes, I have photos."