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The Interview
Pat Knight

Knight took overcoaching duties from his father, Bob, who retired on Feb. 4. Pat got his firstwin last week, an 84--75 upset of Kansas State.

Dan Patrick: So,do I have to call you Coach Knight?

Pat Knight: No,sir, you can call me Pat.

DP: Your firstwin—what did you do to mark the occasion?

PK: I took thewhole staff out to a bar, had a couple of beers and a cigar.

DP: Dad wasn'tinvited?

PK: No. Dad's nota real big beer drinker. The funny thing is, all the players that ever playedfor him, none of us still have guts enough to drink in front of him. So no, hewas not invited.

DP: Does he offeradvice or does he wait for you to ask advice?

PK: He actuallywaits, which people are going to find hard to believe. He's like, "It'syour program now. I'm hands-off."

DP: Can you givehim grief?

PK: Oh, yeah, Ialways get on him. Because he gets on me about the way I dress. I'm like,"You want me to dress like I'm a 65-year-old man?" I like wearingsweats. I like wearing T-shirts. He's a sweater guy every day. Even if it's hotout.

DP: I always gotthe feeling that your father didn't enjoy winning as much as he hatedlosing.PK: That's a fair assessment. And I've tried to change that. You've gotto enjoy things along the way. I've seen him be just miserable....

DP: And that'safter a win?

PK: Oh, yeah.That's one of the reasons he got out. After the last couple of games he wonwhile still coaching, you couldn't tell if we won or lost.

DP: Who got itworst in the five years when you were [at Indiana, playing for your dad]?

PK: Oh,man....

DP: Damon Baileygot torched, didn't he?

PK: Damon Bailey,my boy, he got torched. An unbelievable talent, but Coach wanted so much fromhim. Damon used to get called out to the house.

DP: Oh, no. Whathappens when you're summoned to the house? Is it like The Godfather—you don'twant to go out to the house? You may get whacked?

PK: Exactly. Butyou've got to go.

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