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Second Siblings

Bryant brothers left to wonder

WEIRD DAY for theBryant brothers, Brad and Bart. On Sunday morning Brad had a two-shot edge atthe seniors' AT&T Champions Classic, and Bart was part of a five-way tie atthe Arnold Palmer Invitational. But not long after Bart's playoff hopes weredusted by a 24-foot Tiger Woods bomb on the 72nd hole, Brad was knocked to thedirt on the second hole of a three-man playoff with Loren Roberts and DenisWatson, who went on to win after three holes. It wasn't what either brother washoping for, and Bart in particular lost a chance to punch his ticket toAugusta, but between them they earned $754,400 and a few more stories to tellaround the Thanksgiving dinner table. Not bad.

• A SPUNKY Swedeshot a blistering seven-under 65 in the final round to come from 10 strokesback and win the MasterCard Classic, tying an LPGA record first set by MickeyWright in 1964. Annika Sorenstam? No, Louise Friberg, a 27-year-old rookie whoredefines the phrase coming out of nowhere. Friberg made it to the LPGA by wayof the University of Washington, the Futures tour, the West Coast Ladies tour,the Telia tour (Sweden), the Ladies European tour and last year's Q school,where she qualified for the LPGA on her first try. In two previous starts thisyear Friberg had missed a cut and tied for seventh at the Fields Open. Nowshe's on a list of 2008 winners with Sorenstam, Paula Creamer and Lorena Ochoa.Also not bad.

• DAVID FEHERTY,CBS analyst and columnist for GOLF PLUS sister publication Golf Magazine,punctured a lung and broke three ribs when he was hit by a truck while ridinghis bicycle last Friday near his home in Dallas. He was released from BaylorMedical Center on Sunday and in a Monday e-mail wrote, "I got shoveled outof the hospital yesterday, and last night was my first without a morphine drip.Right now, I'm banging on the door of the ward, but they won't let me back in.I'm an alcoholic and an addict, so the strongest thing I can take at home isAdvil. I have never felt pain like this. Blinking hurts, coughing is agony,farting is out of the question and a sneeze would be suicide. I'll be back forthe Masters for sure, no pain could keep me away, but, if you're going to putanything in SI, make a point of reminding motorists that cyclists are entitledto use the road, too. It's a miracle I wasn't crushed like an ant, all becausesomeone wanted to make it to a red light in front of me." ... Where'sMonty? That's the game they were playing at the Ballantine's Championship inSouth Korea. Colin Montgomerie had committed to play the European tour eventand was featured in ads and posters all around the tournament venue on JeJuIsland, but then Arnold Palmer offered Monty an exemption to Bay Hill. Sitting61st in the World Ranking and needing to get to 50th to qualify for theMasters, he spiked the Ballantine's and beat it to Bay Hill. How did it workout? The Koreans missed Monty; Monty missed the cut.... The Florida stateattorney says that no charges will be filed against Arjun Atwal in the caraccident that led to the death of another man in March 2007.

"I'm beginning to detect a little 'enough already'attitude."—PEPPER MILL, PAGE G22


Tiger Woods's winning percentage since he became afather last June.


In golf, as in life, sometimes love is not enough

"I love this kid. He's a tremendous talent. But ifhe's not going to give 100 percent effort, it's a waste of my time."

"I love Butch to death. I still think he's thegreatest coach out there. I told him, 'Don't always believe what you read inthe paper.'"

David Feherty's Fly on the Ball appears



MARCH BADNESS These guys are ... color blind. A group of fans at Bay Hill—where someone apparently had kicked a field goal—proved that Jesper Parnevik's influence has not been completely benign.