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WHEN John Krasinski of NBC's The Office read the script for the 1920s football movie Leatherheads (in theaters on April 4), he told his agent, "Let me know who gets [cast]." He figured he wasn't buff enough for the gridiron until director and star George Clooney told him that "players back then looked just like you and me." Krasinski landed a role as one of Clooney's teammates, but he says the most demanding part of the job was playing basketball with Clooney off-set. "He's fast off the dribble," Krasinski tells SI, "and that PEOPLE's Sexiest Face will throw you." ... Rookie Red Sox righthander Clay Buchholz just keeps making his father, Skip, proud. Last season Buchholz threw a no-hitter in his second big league start, and last week Skip crowed to a Boston radio station that his son is dating Penthouse Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson (above). "Last year he was dating a Victoria's Secret model," the elder Buchholz said. "So he's moving up the ladder." ... Director Gary Ross steered Seabiscuit to seven Oscar nominations in 2003. Now he's climbing aboard a new ride. Ross will direct an as yet untitled NASCAR film about a phenom driver and his relationship with the veteran he idolizes. Both parts are uncast.


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