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Rajon Rondo


On roller skating
I've been skating for two years. I went with a few friends back home in Louisville, and after the first time I bought my own pair of skates. In summer I go to the rink three or four times a week and mess around. It helps me relax. I don't fall, but you can't skate during the season, because you might get hurt. Nothing in my contract says that, but I know the team doesn't like it.

On a point guard idol
Jason Kidd's incredible. When a game is close in the fourth quarter, a lot of guys slow it down. But Kidd keeps pushing the ball to try to catch the defense sleeping. It can change the game. He has found the key to being a great point guard. It might take me one year, or it might take five, but I'll find it.

On the Celtics' signing veteran point guard Sam Cassell three weeks ago to back him up
It's the business of the game. I'm a competitive guy: I want to play, and I want us to win with me on the court. But I can learn from him. If it's best for the team, I have to roll with it.

On his most painful moments on the court
Running into a pick is the worst. When you get knocked down while taking a shot, you can make yourself feel better if the shot goes in. But a pick, you just get nailed. You don't see it coming. You can't brace yourself. It's just no fun.

On preparing for the playoffs
Usually when I'm playing, I don't really see the crowds or hear the people. But my teammates tell me that's tougher to do in the playoffs, and they tell me how each possession counts so much. So I'm trying to play like every possession is critical. I want to learn as much about the playoffs as I can before we get there.

"I see the floor better than I used to, but I am far from reaching my potential."