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April 14 20008

Dear Penpal,
Do u think golf is cool?? me nether but my dad took me 2 the MASTRS!! Its this ginormos deal in agusta wich is in southamerica and they talk like howdoo yawl!!! They call it a tuna mint Its like 1 million guys try to beat Tiger. LOL!! This year kidz get in free like motel 6!!!

They hate smoke bombs But theres a big oak tree to climb These grandpas in green coats try and catch u and they fall and a ambelance comes They got ropes to stop groanups but you can go under and get golf balls titlest worth like 5$!! I threw 1 back to a guy and he didnt say thanx Golfers yell alot I hid under this rock bridge from like 1 million BC but grandpas chast me and I ran 2 Tiger! This mean man holdin Tigers clubs threw me in a pond!!!

I cant wait til next MASTRS but I geuss I haf 2 wait til helfrees my dad sez well go when helfrees is over!!!!!


Illustration by DAMIAN DEMARTINO