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KOBE BRYANT sent a shiver up the spines of Lakers fans last week by posting an Internet video of himself leaping over a speeding Aston Martin. (Bryant did it without a stunt double, but with some special effects, as part of a Nike ad.) "I have superhuman strength," Bryant told SI. "My new nickname is Cape." ... The Nuggets' entry in the NBA Entertainment League, led by actor Morris Chestnut and singer Drew Lachey (right), won the EL title last Saturday by beating Will Ferrell, actor and former NFL defensive end Terry Crews and the Cavaliers, 71--63. "It's nice to finally get the ring," said Chesnut, who's been in the NBA sponsored, 16-team celebrity league since it began nine years ago... Quarterbacks coach Steve Clarkson, who has trained Matt Leinart and Ben Roethlisberger, spent last weekend tutoring some high school QBs with very recognizable surnames at his academy in Pasadena. The group included Nate Montana, 18, Trevor Gretzky, 15, and Snoop Dogg's son, 13-year-old Corde Broadus. "I think my wife was hoping [Nate would] pick something else," Joe Montana told SI. "She kept pointing at me and saying, 'Look at your dad. Do you really want to walk like that?'"


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