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SURFING LEGEND Laird Hamilton (right) has taken a page out of Stephon Marbury's playbook and partnered with Steve & Barry's to create Wonderwall, a line of surf and skate apparel with every item priced under $15. "Waves don't care how much your shorts cost or what kind of board you ride as long as you come prepared," Hamilton tells SI. "A wave is a wall of wonder, and that's where the name comes from." ... What is it with New York athletes and internships? Last month, before he suffered a lacerated spleen, the Rangers' Sean Avery announced he'd work pro bono at Vogue. (Avery was to start this week.) Last week Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce, who wants to be a broadcaster after he retires, interned for a day at The Howard Stern Show. "I figured, win the Super Bowl, [then] do some more hard work," says Pierce, who answered phones and towel-snapped a show staffer who had prank-called him that morning.... Coldplay has signed a deal with ESPN that will allow the network to incorporate the band's songs into coverage of the Euro 2008 soccer tournament next month. Much of the music will be from Coldplay's new release, Viva La Vida, due out June 12.


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