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For Pete's Sake

When the Hornets' Chris Paul is told that his stutter dribble resembles that of Pete Maravich, who played in the same city and at the same position, Paul's response is merely, "I've heard of him" (May Madness, May 12). CP3, after you are counted among the alltime greats, I hope those who follow will have done more than just "heard of you."
Jerry Johnson Jr., Omaha

Eight Belles

Tim Layden's article on the Kentucky Derby (Big Is Better, May 12) concludes with the statement that Big Brown's Triple Crown bid will have the power "to erase the memory of a fallen filly. To elevate the sport." Eight Belles's memory does not deserve to be erased. Her memory deserves the decency of a thorough investigation. If she came in second to Big Brown on two lame legs, can you imagine what she would have done had she been sound?
Nicole DePalma, Hastings, Minn.

They Also Serve

As a veteran I have to shake my head at anyone who directs critical comments at Caleb Campbell (PLAYERS, May 12), the Army player who will avoid deployment if he makes the Detroit Lions, and instead will help with recruitment. In a nation where most young people decide not to serve their military, how can a young man who will graduate from West Point and serve as an officer in whatever capacity the Army sees fit be the bad guy? Cadet Campbell, best of luck in your quest to make the Lions, and thank you for your willingness to serve.
Stanley Domin, South Plainfield, N.J.

Once again the Lions have done something stupid in the draft. If Campbell makes the roster, they will always be the team that kept a man from fulfilling his duties. If they cut him, they will be the team that forced a man into battle.
John E. Theese, Wantage, N.J.

Off Target

Brad Penny (PLAYERS, May 12) is quoted as saying that he owns a ranch on which "you can hunt ... quail.... No guns allowed—only bows and arrows." He's also quoted as saying, "I don't do a lot of killing." No wonder. I know a lot of bow hunters, and I know a lot of quail hunters. But I do not know anyone who has ever tried to kill a quail with a bow and arrow.
Tom Schlafly, St. Louis

Raising Arizona

As an original Diamondbacks season-ticket holder, I agree that this wonderfully entertaining and talented team has the makings of baseball's next dynasty (Snakes Alive, May 12). The management has proved that you can build a winner without spending zillions on overpriced veterans.
Paul Alderman, Phoenix

Land o' Lacrosse

Thanks for your story on the Northwestern women's lacrosse team (Go West, Young Lady, May 12). It is amazing that a team from Chicago could dominate a traditionally East Coast game. A small irony: The sidebar on Syracuse's men's lacrosse features a picture of midfielder Steven Brook, who has scored more than 20 goals this year—and is from Illinois.
Dennis J. McGushin, Chicago

L. Jon Wertheim suggests that Northwestern women's lacrosse is "arguably the most formidable dynasty in college sports today." How about California Golden Bears rugby, which has won 24 out of 29 possible national championships since 1980?
Rick Astley, Milpitas, Calif.

Youthful Demeanor

Jim Trotter congratulates Bengals president Mike Brown (INSIDE THE NFL, May 12) for taking a tough stand with Chad Johnson, "who's trying to force a trade by acting like a spoiled child." May I suggest that Johnson is not acting.
Mike Adamkosky, Columbus, Ohio

Critters on the Course

Carl Hiaasen's story about his wildlife encounters on the golf course (A Dangerous Breed of Beast, May 12) was a hysterical lesson on how to laugh at yourself. And I loved lines like, "Gators are common on Florida golf courses, providing a mobile dimension to the concept of 'lateral hazard.'"
Sandy Rubin, Rochester, N.Y.

Hiaasen's piece reminded me of the three "birdies" I once hit on one hole. After being coached through 16 holes by my frustrated playing partner, he suggested that I just swing as hard as I could. I gripped and ripped it. The ball went straight up and destroyed a nest halfway up a very tall tree next to the tee box. Three crows exploded from the nest, shaken and surprised but otherwise unharmed.
Mike Haley, Harrison, Mich.

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