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Comic Genius
As if my overinvolvement in fantasy baseball weren't enough (four leagues andmy own blog on the subject), you guys really tapped into my "innergeek" with your brilliant baseball cover, drawn by DC Comics artists.Seeing it made me feel like an eight-year-old at the newsstand all overagain.
Howard Bender, San Francisco

I'm a baby boomerwho often uses the phrase "Bizarro World" to younger co-workers, andgets blank stares, so your cover illustration was greatly appreciated. Now ifonly we can get Mr. Mxyzptlk to say his name backward, maybe the world will beright again and the Yanks will be back in first place.
Mark Lutin, Port Washington, N.Y.

Your illustratorstook the idea of Bizarro baseball too far. Despite the Yankee Stadium setting,they put the Rays player in a home uniform and the Yankee in his roaduniform—and with a name on the back!
Phil Hatlem, Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Apparently yourcover artists did not get the Mitchell Report memo, as the Rays player hoistingDerek Jeter appears more juiced than 10 Jose Cansecos.
Chuck Acquisto, Dublin, Calif.

The renamed Rays'start to this season (The Bizarro Supermen, May 26) goes to show that theevangelists have been right all along: The Devil really will bring a man (orteam) down.
Christopher D. Vanderbeek
Columbia, Mo.

The Tampa BayRays' success shouldn't be that much of a surprise to you. In your March 3issue a story by Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus carried the subhead,"the Rays won't merely be better in '08, they'll be 22 wins better."With talents like Carlos Peña, B.J. Upton, Carl Crawford, Aki Iwamura, ScottKazmir and Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay's record is not a fluke.
Luke Gurtowski, Springfield, Va.

No Tech

Here's one morethought about Spygate (PLAYERS, May 26). Technology put the Patriots at anadvantage. Their punishment should be to take that technology away—noheadphones, no instant pictures relayed from above, nothing.
Dave Fortun, Pittsburgh

Good VilleHunting

As an alumnus ofJacksonville State in Alabama, I want to let you know that LSU quarterback RyanPerrilloux transferred to my alma mater, not Jackson State (PLAYERS, May 26).Although with this youngster's off-the-field behavior, perhaps I will wish thathe wasn't going to my school.
Greg Arnberg, Honolulu

EDITOR'S NOTE: SIregrets the error.

Top HighSchools

In your list ofhigh school programs, only four of the top 10 were public schools: Tupelo,Cy-Fair, Poly and Omaha Central. Your top school, Punahou (Fast Times atPunahou, May 26), may be humble, but its $180 million endowment must go a longway toward paying for the best coaches, facilities and training programs, andfor scholarships to attract athletes.
Sarah Richardson, Gig Harbor, Wash.

What a wonderfulstory about Smith Center, Kans. (Great and Small, May 26). These students,knowing each other from the first grade, develop a strong, trustingrelationship that helps them not only in sports but also in living life to thefullest.
Richard W. Rooney, Lincoln, Calif.

Eight Belles

If Selena Robertsfeels that horse racing is cruel because jockeys often resort to a half-poundwhip (POINT AFTER, May 26), perhaps she should turn on mixed martial arts andsee humans beating the snot out of each other.
Adam Mull, Charlotte

Barbaro broke hisleg and was never touched with a whip. Jockey Gabriel Saez's actions did notkill Eight Belles.
Laura T. Nauditt, Saint Joseph, Tenn.


Your May 26 covershows Michigan native Derek Jeter flipped, just like Ohio State's David Bostonwas on SI's Dec. 1, 1997, cover during Michigan's national championship season.Last place for Jeter is bad enough; looking like a Buckeye—that's cruel.
Eric Phillips, Bethesda, Md.

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