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Prose Garden

Jack McCallum's NBA Finals story (Road to Redemption, June 16) was the epitome of eloquence, describing Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce as "streamlined sumos fighting for position" and saying that Pierce "waits, impatiently, just outside the velvet ropes of superstardom." His writing is so sonorous that it's a pleasure to subvocalize while reading.
Douglas J. Foran, Aloha, Ore.

Red Planet

Your story about the Red Wings' latest championship run stated that the Wings "are basically the New England Patriots on skates" (Spreading Their Wings, June 9). Let's see, the Wings are one of the classiest teams in the league, they were never accused of cheating, and they actually won their championship this year. How does that make them like the Patriots?
Kristine Suzuki Sasieta, Chicago

Tiger Woods may have said about the Stanley Cup finals, "I don't really care.... I don't think anyone really watches hockey anymore" (Fantastic Finish, June 16). But I have seen him limping around the U.S. Open and not complaining about the pain. Seems to me he is more of a hockey player than he knows!
Tracy Saur, Rockford, Mich.

Detroit is Hockeytown again—just check the parade turnout, Tiger! Never saw a golf parade like that, ay?
Dan Kummer, Troy, Mich.

The McKay Way

I grew up with the precable coverage of sports, and Jim McKay (PLAYERS, June 16) was a fixture in our home on weekends as we religiously tuned into ABC's Wide World of Sports. I can still remember how McKay treated each sport, no matter how obscure, with respect and enthusiasm. I believe he would appreciate that the issue commemorating his life would also have a story extolling the glory of table tennis (Opening Volley, June 16) and its impact on America's international relations.
Terry Dinterman, Palatine, Ill.

Don't Forget Eddie

I cringed when I read Chipper Jones (A Jones for Hitting, June 16) described as "the baddest switch-hitter since Mickey Mantle." How does a man who is one of three clean members of the 3,000 hit, 500 home run club get so often overlooked when it comes to talking about the greatest switch-hitters of all time? Please, let's give Eddie Murray his due.
Andrew O'Donnell, Laurel, Md.

Soccer Sojourn

I was delighted and surprised to read about Chris Mannix's testing his hatred of soccer (Are You Like Me?, June 16) by immersing himself in the sport. I was expecting the usual "Soccer is lame because nobody scores or can use their hands" screed. It was refreshing to see a journalist willing to put aside his preconceived notions and give the game an honest look.
Mike Ingoldsby, Dorchester, Mass.

If you want to turn someone on to football, you wouldn't take him to see an arena game between the Los Angeles Avengers and the New York Dragons, would you? You'd take them to Green Bay, South Bend or Odessa, Texas. It's the same with the beautiful game. Don't take a neophyte to see DC United or the New York Red Bulls—send them to Liverpool, Barcelona or Milan. If Mannix had gone to Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, he wouldn't need five days to be converted.
William A Keller, Pflugerville, Texas

The truth is that Americans generally don't embrace soccer because it is a sport in which the U.S. is clearly inferior to numerous foreign countries.
Peter Maniatakis, Toronto

Just like Mannix, I grew up playing soccer and not really liking or appreciating it. This year I was the soccer director for an after-school program and coach for its soccer team, and I still do not see the sport's appeal: There are just too many extended periods of inactivity. I frequently played goalie to even out numbers and could monitor the program with a walkie-talkie while doing so.
Joe Berret, Alexandria, Va.

Mannix's article was a well-written, lucid, informative piece of writing—and I still hate soccer.
Shawn Northup, Temecula, Calif.


As an avid golfer, I am embarrassed by clubs like Pine Valley (POINT AFTER, June 16) that don't allow female members: Shame on any individual or institution that prohibits a woman from walking lush fairways or nailing a 30-footer for a birdie. My club, Pinehurst, encourages men and women alike to gain membership and enjoy the pleasures of golf. Come to Pinehurst, Selena Roberts—I have a tee time with your name written all over it!
Gabe Dixon, Pinehurst, N.C.

Boy, did Selena Roberts bring back memories. I vividly remember calling my local public golf course for a Saturday tee time and being told that none were available. Two minutes later my husband called and immediately had a reservation. In golf the ceiling is concrete, not glass.
Mary Wayland, Crozet, Va.

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