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Zoom Service

This panoramicphoto of Yankee Stadium on July 4 was shot using GigaPan technology and can beseen on Online users can magnify any detail, including those called outhere as examples—from Alex Rodriguez approaching the plate in the first inningagainst the Red Sox to the facade of the new Yankee Stadium beyond leftfield toa fan with a Cracker Jack box. Taken by a robotic camera, the photo was shotover the course of 10 minutes and consists of 124 frames stitched together.Carnegie Mellon developed GigaPan technology last year in collaboration withNASA.

Green Grosser

Members of theChinese military cleared algae from a Bay of Qingdao beach after an infestationcovered one third of the milelong Olympic sailing course last week. Aftermobilizing 10,000 workers aboard 1,000 boats, Qingdao officials say the waterswill be clear in time for the Games.

O, What aFinish!

In an all-Oregonfinish, Nicholas Symmonds struck a pose after winning the 800 meters in theU.S. Olympic Trials on June 30 in Eugene, Ore. (page 62). With a time of1:44.10, Symmonds, a graduate of Willamette University in nearby Salem, edgedAndrew Wheating of the University of Oregon (far left and inset). ChristianSmith (far right), Symmonds's teammate at the Oregon Track Club, dived acrossthe line to place third and also qualify for the Beijing Games.

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Photograph by Greg Choat and Fred Vuich



Photograph by Ng Han Guan/AP


Photographs by Bill Frakes