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July 28, 2008 Table Of Contents

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Will Work for What He Made in '86

Barry wants to play, and plenty of teams could use his bat. But no one calls

By Ben Reiter


For the Record

The Evert Effect

Is Chrissie a performance enhancer?

Plus Ça Change ...

Stricter testing at the Tour de France has meant more busts

By Austin Murphy

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Faces in the Crowd

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick


Deal or No Deal

The Packers face a tough call on what to do with Brett Favre, and a former G.M. who was in a similar fix feels their pain

By Peter King

Chasing Kyle

The younger Busch has been nearly unbeatable, but a trio of drivers still looms large in the scramble for the Cup

By Lars Anderson


Which players would a panel of G.M.'s and scouts pick to build a team around? The runaway leader: Hanley Ramirez

By Jon Heyman

Paddy Waggin'

The Shark and his bride captured the fancy, but Padraig Harrington took home his second straight claret jug

By Michael Bamberger

Wie Error, Big Consequences

By Jim Gorant



Let the Show Begin

Hoping to stage a dazzling, dissent-free spectacle, China has carefully planned—and tried to control—every aspect of the Beijing Games. Anyone looking to spoil the event will have to reckon with 1.3 billion proud Chinese

By Alexander Wolff

Olympic Green

Action in the Games' 28 sports will stretch from this 2,800-acre complex, five miles north of Tiananmen Square, to the equestrian venue in Hong Kong, more than 1,200 miles to the south

By Rebecca Sun

The Chinese Athlete

Separated from the West by barriers of language and culture, China's Olympians are often viewed as sports automatons. But they're far from faceless, and they're not their nation's only jocks

By Mary Nicole Nazzaro

Liu Xiang

In 2004 he became the only male track gold medalist in Chinese history. Now he merely has to live up to the expectations of 1.3 billion countrymen by defending his title on his home turf

By Tim Layden


By Susan Casey


America's new set of Olympians, nearly 600 strong, hails from 47 of the 50 states and includes identical twins, soldiers, teenagers, a cancer patient, a 58-year-old CEO and the daughter of a Super Bowl champion

By Brian Cazeneuve

The Redeem Team

After failing to win a major basketball competition in eight years, the U.S. has taken a new (and distinctly foreign) approach

By Alexander Wolff

The Phenom

The record holder and the world champion were set to duel for the Olympic 100 meters title. Then along came 6'5" Usain Bolt, previously a specialist in the 200, who blew past everyone

By Tim Layden

What's New

On top of a trio of debuting countries (the Marshall Islands, Montenegro and the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu), the Games will offer a range of other firsts

By Rebecca Sun

Medal Picks

Who'll reach the winner's podium in all 302 events

By Brian Cazeneuve

Point After

Swimming Lesson

By Chris Ballard


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