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August 11, 2008 Table Of Contents

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There's Something about Manny

The transition from the Red Sox to the land of no socks? So far, so weird

By Kostya Kennedy


For the Record

Bigger Than Big

A perfect trotter upstaged Big Brown's return

By Pablo S. Torre

Lauryn Williams

As told to Connie Aitcheson

Before He Was King

A documentary examines Ali's Miami years

By Rich O'Brien

The Beat

By Arash Markazi

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Faces in the Crowd

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick


Second To None

He has been overshadowed this season by teammate Josh Hamilton; in fact, he has been overshadowed at almost every stop in his career since high school. But in this golden season of the second baseman, nobody has been more productive—almost historically so—at the position than the Rangers' Ian Kinsler

By Albert Chen

Where Have We Seen This Before?

Second basemen with pop aren't a new story; in fact, they're an old—a very old—one

By Joe Sheehan, Baseball Prospectus


Hot Tub to Hot Seat

After two wayward seasons, Cardinals passer Matt Leinart says he has his priorities straight. With Kurt Warner gunning for his starting job, he'd better

By Jim Trotter


Davey Goes For Gold

Eight years after his last major league job, the once hard-living, big-winning manager Davey Johnson is trying to rally the underdog U.S. in what may be baseball's last Olympic stand

By Luke Winn


Can't Beat the Spread

The hottest offense thrives on speed, stretching the defense across the field and exploiting mismatches all over. It's near unstoppable, and more and more coaches are converting

By Austin Murphy

Dissecting the Spread

Architect of Texas Tech's high-octane offense, coach Mike Leach reveals QB Graham Harrell's progressions in DOUBLE SLOT RIP Y-CROSS

By Austin Murphy

Wrestling With the Beast

Defensive coordinators are comparing notes as they scramble to find ways to stop—or at least slow—the spread, but this much they know: The best weapons are speed and solid tackling

By Phil Taylor

NFL Holdout

Wary of an offense that features too many snaps out of the shotgun and not enough downfield passing, the pro game has yet to embrace the spread

By Peter King

Scouting Reports

Head of the Line

The team to beat only needs one of its young, talented blockers to take charge

By Andy Staples

Look Who's Back

With a deep and experienced roster, the Buckeyes bid for a third straight trip to the BCS title game

By Mark Beech

The Hits Keep Coming

Punishing Rey Maualuga drives a defense that, for a change, is the team's strong suit

By Phil Taylor

Great Expectations

The Tigers have their sights set on their first Big 12 title—and the biggest prize of all

By Austin Murphy

Help Wanted

Scoring points won't be a problem, but the Gators will go places only if their defense returns to its '06 form

By Andy Staples

Who's Hungry?

A stinging defeat in the Fiesta Bowl is motivating a Sooners defense that is eager to make amends

By Andy Staples

Change of Game Plans

New coordinator Tony Franklin opens up an offense that had become too predictable

By Andy Staples

Formidable Both Ways

The Red Raiders finally have a defense that takes some pressure off the offense

By Austin Murphy

For His Encore ...

Spectacular late last season, Ricky Jean-Francois takes over the role played by Glenn Dorsey

By Stewart Mandel

Catching Up

Converted tight end Travis Beckum has the Badgers eyeing their first Rose Bowl berth in nine seasons

By Mark Beech

Steady Does It

Loaded with skill players, the Tigers have the efficient Cullen Harper to drive them

By Stewart Mandel


The Volunteers will play to their strengths behind an experienced line of blockers

By Andy Staples

Hammer Time

A new coordinator—the fourth in four years—remodels the defense so it will stand up against the pass

By Luke Winn

On the Defensive

The Mountaineers begin a new era amid concerns about their ability to shut down opponents

By Mark Beech

No Huddle, No Problem

Breakout star Todd Reesing is a master at running the Jayhawks' spread offense

By Luke Winn

Running Start

Tailback Keegan Herring puts the Sun Devils on track to better their surprise '07 season

By Phil Taylor

Busting Through

A third consecutive Mountain West title won't be enough to satisfy the Cougars

By Mark Beech

Sweeping Success

With a play that springs a little man for big gains, the Beavers aim for their first Rose Bowl in 44 years

By Stewart Mandel

The Brawl Started It All

When they stunned their archrival last December, the Panthers turned a corner

By Mark Beech

Mover and Shaker

Rover Patrick Chung delivers the big hits for a defense that will have to carry the Ducks early on

By Phil Taylor


By Andy Staples

BIG 12

By Austin Murphy


By Phil Taylor


By Mark Beech


By Mark Beech


By Stewart Mandel

The Rest

By Kevin Armstrong

5 Minute Guide

COMPILED BY Stewart Mandel


Inside: The Week In Sports

The Next Step

Three superstars who made big news with their recent trades will soon make bigger news (and bucks) as free agents

By Jon Heyman

Sunny-side Up

Nothing—not gibes from his owner, point deductions or copycat crews—can spoil Carl Edwards's 2008 joyride

By Mark Beech

Lining Up

These offensive interiors are a reason to pick up—or pull away from—the players who operate behind them

By David Sabino

PGA Preview?

With Tiger Woods out, Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh showed in Akron how fantastic—and flawed—they still are

By Alan Shipnuck

Point After

Welcome (Back) To the NFL

By Chris Ballard


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