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August 18, 2008 Table Of Contents

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End of The Line

Colin Montgomerie, the player most responsible for Europe's recent domination of the Ryder Cup, came to Oakland Hills hoping to show that he still had enough game to belong on the 2008 team. He left knowing that he has almost no chance of teeing it up next month at Valhalla

By Michael Bamberger

Two Thirds of a Team

Up & Down

Asterisks*, breakups and Ryder Cup futures

By Jim Gorant

Big Play

By Dom DiJulia

Detroit Jimmy Says ...

By Jim McGovern

Easy Does It

The most overrated job in sports? It might be Ryder Cup captain

By Jack McCallum


The Full Nelson

How a sports-savvy Nelson Mandela used rugby to unify his troubled land

By John Carlin


For the Record

Peacock Strut

NBC's rivals are conceding defeat

By Rebecca Shore

Game Boy

By Arash Markazi

Unholy Toledo!

A new gambling scandal rocks the Rockets

By Pablo S. Torre

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Faces in the Crowd

SI, April 7, 2008 Update

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick

Beijing 2008 Olympics

Gold Mind

In a week of new records and high drama Michael Phelps went deep into his own head to push his body into uncharted waters

By Susan Casey

Continental Drift

The Far East has crashed a men's scene long dominated by the U.S., Europe and Australia

By Brian Cazeneuve

Different Strokes

With the U.S. women's swim team under attack from a host of challengers, Katie Hoff and Natalie Coughlin are trying to turn the tide by taking on new events

By Kelli Anderson

On the Rebound

Having learned from its mistakes of attitude and etiquette in Athens, a pressuring U.S. team proved it can win with class, putting on a show against the host country and impressing adoring fans

By Alexander Wolff

Sabre Sisters

Her confidence re-honed after a recent slump, defending champion Mariel Zagunis slowed her tempo and outdueled teammate Sada Jacobson to lead a U.S. medal sweep in the women's sabre event

By Brian Cazeneuve

Hitting The Wall

The vista along the road race was breathtaking, but so were the conditions. Intense heat wiped out more than a third of the men's field, while a crash on a rain-slicked surface derailed the U.S.'s female medal hope

By Tim Layden

Mother Load

Balancing the demands of motherhood and Olympic competition can be heavy lifting, but Melanie Roach and a new generation of women are making it look easy

By Michael Farber

Baby Boost

For some female athletes, pregnancy and childbirth may improve their performance

By David Epstein

Cultural Evolution

The brilliant opening ceremonies introduced the world to a proud, paradoxical new China: rich and poor, capitalist and socialist, open and repressive

By S.L. Price

A Dream Dies

The murder of his father-in-law in Beijing sidelined a U.S. coach from his team's opener

By David Epstein


Knockout Punch

Playing his best when the title was up for grabs, ruthless Padraig Harrington decked late-fading Sergio García again, winning the PGA Championship for his second straight major

By Alan Shipnuck


Brett Propelled

The frenzy surrounding his unretirement has subsided, and now the real work begins for Brett Favre and the Jets. While it doesn't hurt to hope, they might be wise to temper expectations

By Paul Zimmerman


Inside: The Week In Sports

You Just Wait

Teams already written off for 2008 offer the promise of better days in '09 with fast-rising, eye-popping prospects

By Joe Sheehan

Road Tripping

Road-course events make for great racing theater, but without a date in the Chase just how relevant are they?

By Mark Beech

In a Good Place

Sorry, Darren McFadden, but the top rookie runner is likely to emerge from the middle of this draft class

By David Sabino

Point After

For the U.S., A New Red Alert

By Selena Roberts



Leading Off

Seeing Flowers, Tasting Freedom

China and the Olympics are changing each other in myriad and profound ways

By Terry McDonell