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Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

I am desperate topick an upset. There were such good ones last weekend—Washington over Dallas,Chicago over Philly and weirdest of all, K.C. big over Denver—that I wasjealous. Well, the ranks of the unbeaten are thinning noticeably, and on Sundaywe're going to see another four-win team go down. The undefeated Titans are nowconsidered an elite team, and they play Ray Lewis (above) and the Ravens, agang of roughnecks with a rookie quarterback. Score one for the roughnecks.Tennessee's 30 points last weekend were inflated by Minnesota's four turnovers.I don't think the Titans can put together the kind of quick-strike offense ateam needs to contain the Baltimore defense once it gets aroused. KerryCollins's passing game is methodical and needs time to get working. This kindof offense is made to order for the Ravens' attacking defense. I see Baltimoreforcing a few turnovers and cashing in on them.

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