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October 13, 2008 Table Of Contents

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Money Changes Everything

Sports have always been recession-proof. Not this time

By David Epstein


For the Record

Sliced and Diced

An MMA star's flop could KO an upstart league

By L. Jon Wertheim

The Sports-Politics Connection

By Joe Lemire

Express Regrets

A new film simplifies Syracuse star Ernie Davis

By Adam Duerson

The Beat

SI, Oct. 6, 2008 Update

By Rachel Cicurel

Faces in the Crowd

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick


A League of Its Own

No conference is getting better play at quarterback than the Big 12, whose wide-open offenses are piling up yards and lighting up scoreboards

By Austin Murphy

Aerial Circus

With eight of the top 20 in the passing-efficiency rankings, the Big 12 has the numbers to back up its QB dominance

By Joe Lemire


Bang, Bang, Bang

With three four-win teams and the league's best 2--3 club, the NFC East is dominant once more. Does the division's brutal competitiveness take too much out of a team—or does it forge champions?

By Damon Hack


Manny in LA LA Land

A star-obsessed city that had lost its baseball sizzle is suddenly relevant again, thanks to Manny Ramirez—the new leading man who put the Dodgers one step closer to a possible made-for-Hollywood World Series matchup

By Tom Verducci

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

That was no one-way trade when Boston gave up its superstar for Jason Bay. The baggage-free leftfielder acquired from the Pirates is the anti-Manny in seemingly every way but one: He can rake too

By Lee Jenkins

NHL PREVIEW 2008--09

Why Good Teams FIGHT

With hockey's dark art making a comeback, star players have to be protected. Call it insurance or self-defense, but clubs are muscling up with a new breed of tough guy

By Michael Farber

Hossa Plays a HUNCH

All the money in the world can't buy a Stanley Cup, so free agent Marian Hossa turned down upward of $80 million for one shot at a title with mighty Detroit. He can get the rich multiyear contract later

By Kostya Kennedy

Scouting Reports

Thirty years after the last time two teams met in back-to-back finals, history is about to repeat itself. Same finalists as in 2007--08. Same result.


By Sarah Kwak


By Michael Farber


By Sarah Kwak


By Brian Cazeneuve


By Sarah Kwak


By Brian Cazeneuve


Inside: The Week In Sports

Hearty Spartan

Michigan State has a real workhorse in Heisman candidate Javon Ringer. But is it riding its 5'9" senior back too hard?

By Mark Beech

Stewart Mandel's Three-Point Stance

By Stewart Mandel

Coastal Living

It backfired on the Cardinals, but the Patriots think remaining on the road for a two-game swing is the right call

By Jim Trotter

Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

By Paul Zimmerman

Best of the Leftovers

The names of this week's suggested pickups likely weren't called at your fantasy draft

By David Sabino

The Big Done

Chase leader Jimmie Johnson avoided the crash at Talladega, but Little E's championship hopes went up in smoke

By Lars Anderson

Point After

Another One Walks the Plank

By Selena Roberts


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