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Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

I asked adefensive coach who later has to face Miami how to stop the direct-snap attackthat's given Ronnie Brown (right) the look of an old single-wing tailback."Seal off the edges and don't let him bounce anything outside," hesaid. "Put a man over the center, and go at him hard. The center has tohave his head down for the long snap; make it as uncomfortable for him aspossible. Put a man over each guard, and present a very firm front inside. Moveyour outside linebackers up close, and tell them not to let anything outsidethem."

That's a lot ofpeople on the front line: three inside, then I assume another two over thetackles, plus two linebackers functioning as ends. "You've got to meet masswith mass," the coach said. "I'm even toying with lining up in anold-fashioned 6--2." Can Houston bulk up on Sunday to stop the power-wingonslaught? Maybe, but I like the Dolphins anyway. They can play some defensetoo, you know.

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