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Ain't That America

As someone who grew up in Kansas City, I learned to resent big-market teams like the Yankees, and I was not saddened at the "passing" of Yankee Stadium. Tom Verducci's cover story made me reconsider. He reminded me how intimately baseball is intertwined with America's history and the lives and passions of the nation's people.
Christian Benedict, Seattle

Even a Fenway Faithful like myself shed a tear after reading Verducci's story (It's Gone! Goodbye! Sept. 22). Thanks for the memories, Yankee Stadium (yes, even the bad ones, Aaron Boone). You will be missed.
Scott Nelson, Henniker, N.H.

I was in the stands for some milestone moments mentioned in your story, including the Pine Tar Game and when Billy Martin was reintroduced as manager. But you forgot one very important game, on May 4, 1993—my first date with my future husband, who was initially attracted to me because of my ability to discuss the Yankees' pitching staff. We will miss Yankee Stadium because of the many wonderful personal memories of a special place that we will hold in our hearts forever.
Christine Stuttig, Bronx, N.Y.

You call Yankee Stadium "baseball's cathedral," but where is the congregation? In your cover photo from the 1960 season, Yankee Stadium appears to be 95% empty, even with Mickey Mantle up and Roger Maris on deck.
John Oelschlager, Washington, D.C.

With all the flack that Tampa Bay has gotten for its supposed poor attendance, I found it interesting to see an empty Yankee Stadium on your cover. Maybe New York is just not a major league town.
Ron Kavula, Odessa, Fla.

The Yankees' ownership is fond of referring to its stadium as a "cathedral," but try telling that to the Roman Catholic Church, which knows that the primary purpose of their cathedrals is not to raise revenue. If it was, the Church might have razed all its cathedrals by now to make room for "improved" versions with luxury suites in place of the pulpits and choir lofts.
David Chapus, Spencerport, N.Y.

Verducci's beautiful article increased my amazement that the Yankees' ownership would permit the destruction of the House That Ruth Built. I gleefully anticipate the real Curse of the Bambino. Considering the way the Yankees' season went, maybe it has already started.
Stephen Flynn, Dallas

Hokie Sentiment

I am among the many Virginia Tech supporters who feel that the school should have been able to find a way to get Stephen Curry (Next Step for Steph, Sept. 22) on campus, whether he panned out as a Division I prospect or not. Stephen's father, Dell, always represented the school well as a player and an alumnus. That Dell and his wife, Sonya, also an alum, feel alienated from the school because Virginia Tech wouldn't recruit Stephen is troubling and embarrassing for us. I can assure the Currys that when Stephen takes the court for Davidson, every Tech fan I know will be rooting for him.
Art Costan, Forest, Va.

Trojan Missteps

I knew it would be painful to read how my Buckeyes got demolished by USC, but when I opened the magazine, the first picture I saw was Mark Sanchez throwing a pass while a USC lineman practically tackles an Ohio State rusher (35--3 for USC [Déj√† Vu for OSU], Sept. 22). The next picture showed USC linebacker Rey Maualuga running back an interception for a touchdown—with his foot clearly on the sideline paint. Come on, USC didn't need any more help!
Chip Thomas, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Austin Murphy wrote of the Trojans, "If these guys could avoid nodding off against the Stanfords and the Oregon States of the world, they'd be dangerous." This was a week before USC fell to Oregon State. Talk about clairvoyance.
Dave Ornauer, Okinawa, Japan

A New Wrinkle

Your article on Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden, Never Can Say Goodbye (PLAYERS, Sept. 22), was exactly right. Neither has a life beyond football, and they are too bullheaded to let go of their jobs. I would suggest they each schedule a meeting with John Wooden.
Ralph S. Brax, Lancaster, Calif.

You made a big deal out of the off-the-field problems of some of the Penn State players. But Paterno's willingness to suspend or cut players who misbehave is a positive thing, unlike the boys-will-be-boys attitude that some other coaches might take toward similar behavior.
David C. Klein, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Take away Bobby Bowden's 31 wins at Division I-AA Howard College (now Samford University), which are counted in his career wins total, and there would be no competition for the Division I alltime wins lead. If that were the case, everyone would be a winner. Florida State and Penn State could move their programs forward, and Bowden and Paterno could spend quality time with their grandchildren.
Joe Doney, Jacksonville

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