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AT 26, WIZARDS star Gilbert Arenas says he's never asked a woman on a date—they've always asked him. So to keep his record intact, he got creative in popping the question to longtime girlfriend Laura Govan. When Govan arrived home to find a surprise birthday party late last month, Arenas handed her a note that said READ OUT LOUD. She did, and heard herself asking, "Will you marry me?" Arenas squealed with joy—then said yes.... Tony Parker and his wife, actress Eva Longoria Parker (right), recently walked the red carpet for a Paris film premiere that was all about him. The Spurs guard, who was raised in France, has produced the autobiographical documentary 9 (his number). "There was demand for it in France," Parker tells SI. "It covers some of my NBA, but you also see me playing when I was 10, in high school, when I got drafted [into the French army]. It's more about a family and me making my American dream a reality. I was lucky my mom was filming at the time."... UFC standout Tito Ortiz and retired adult film siren Jenna Jameson are having twins. "Tito is happier than I've ever seen him," says Jameson. "He looked me in the eye and said, 'Thank you for having my babies.' I cried."

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