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Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

It almost seems as if the Giants and the Steelers have been kept apart deliberately through the years. New York never tested Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain Super Bowl champs of the 1970s. Pittsburgh never tangled with Bill Parcells's Super Bowl winners of '86 and '90. In the last 16 seasons the two teams have met only three times. In the 36 years New York has traveled to Pittsburgh only once.

Well, they'll face each other on Sunday at Heinz Field, and it might be like looking in the mirror. Both teams have strong ground games and stifling defenses, especially against the run. Neither gives up anything cheaply. The strength of Pittsburgh's D is a deep corps of linebackers, two of whom rush from the edges on passing downs. The Giants' strength comes from a beautifully integrated front four, led by Justin Tuck (above). Yards and points will be dearly won. I like the Giants, as slight underdogs, to take it in a slugfest.

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