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The Interview
Colt McCoy

The SI cover boywas anything but jinxed, completing a school-record 17 consecutive passes in a56--31 win over Missouri.

Dan Patrick:You're going to be signing a few magazines. When's the last time you signed anautograph on campus?

Daniel ColtMcCoy: Yesterday, actually.

DP: A teacher ora student?

CM: A professor.That's crazy.

DP: How does theteacher ask you for an autograph?

CM: He waiteduntil after class, so that made it a bit better. And, funny story, he said,"My wife is pregnant, and she actually wants to name our son Colt."

DP: Why didn'tyou stick with Daniel McCoy?

CM: I really likeColt better. I've been called Colt since I was born. My brothers go by theirmiddle names too. I don't know why.

DP: When you'rein the NFL next year, are you still going to follow Texas?

CM: I have onemore year.

DP: Right. Trickquestion there, Colt. So are you staying for your senior year?

CM: Of course.Not very many guys have the opportunity to start at UT for four years. It'struly a blessing.

DP: Would yourather beat Oklahoma or be Number 1?

CM: I would loveto do both.

DP: Well, you didthat. But if you had to choose.

CM: I'd say beatOklahoma. We have to win that game to get to the Big 12 championship. Andthat's our goal every year.

DP: Do you haveany Sooners red in your wardrobe?

CM: I usuallywear gray or white, because anytime I wear red, Coach [Mack] Brown says,"What are you doing wearing red?" I had some old high school T-shirts,and we were red in high school. I'd wear those, and everyone would be like,"Do you realize what you're doing?" I am conscious about it. I've gotto wear orange or gray or white.

DP: By the way,just so you know, I wore orange for this interview.

CM: There you go.I like that. Make sure it's Texas orange. It can't be just regular orange. It'sgot to be burnt orange.

DP: Man, I'msorry, Colt. I may have worn Oklahoma State orange. You know what? I'm going toburn this. I'll burn the orange.

CM: There yougo.

Oh, Yeah ... ISaw That ... Awesome

THE WORLD SERIESis here, which means games that run into the wee hours. Since no one respectsthe sports cred of someone who falls asleep in front of the TV or—worse—wholeaves a game early, here's how to convince friends and colleagues you saw afinish you actually didn't.

• LOOK THE PARTNothing says, "I was still asleep when I dressed myself," like one bluesock and one black one. And bloodshot eyes are a plus, so give them a goodrubbing.

• HAVE YOUREXCUSES HANDY If someone brings up a play you didn't see, go with somethinglike, "I must have missed it. They were down to one urinal, and the linefor the bathroom was 20 minutes." Just don't use it on a stadiumjanitor.

• CONSIDERPERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS Like NyQuil. It'll convince coworkers you're tired,and you might get a nice midday nap out of it.

• BE ON THEOFFENSIVE Don't be afraid to put people on the spot. Chances are, they sleptthrough the end of the game too.

Unsteady Eddy

NOT THE bestmonth for the Knicks' Eddy Curry. First he got so sick from an infection thathe couldn't leave the team hotel during training camp. Then he had to deal withrumors that the infection was caused by a new tattoo. (Curry visits the tattooparlor as frequently as most of us visit the barber.) Last week the big guy saton an exercise ball, and it popped. (I never thought I'd hear about somethinglike that outside a game of the dozens.) But the worst news of all for Curry:The season starts in a week, and he's still a Knick.

Life afterFootball?

BRENT MUSBERGERmade a good point on the show about why Joe Paterno is still at Penn State at81. "JoePa is a dear friend," Musberger said. "We've talkedextensively. He is fearful that he would not be with us for long if he steppedaway. He doesn't fish, doesn't play golf. He has no interests other than hisfamily and football, and he's afraid what would happen to the rest of his lifeif he walked away." Musberger noted that Bear Bryant died four weeks afterhe retired.

THE FINE PRINT:Barack Obama has bought signage in Madden '09. Not to be outdone, John McCainis in negotiations to get his ads in Pong.

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