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November 3, 2008 Table Of Contents

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Revenge of the Nerds

Maybe it's just a syzygy, but smart schools are winning like never before

By Mark Bechtel

WHO's Hot WHO's Not

Edited by Mark Bechtel, Stephen Cannella AND Kostya Kennedy

For the Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel, Stephen Cannella AND Kostya Kennedy

Girls Against Boys

Is Zenyatta or Curlin the Horse of the Year?

By Mark Beech

Long-distance Call

Why do 40,000 choose to run a marathon?

Edited by Mark Bechtel, Stephen Cannella AND Kostya Kennedy

The Beat

By Arash Markazi

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Sports Illustrated Kids: Sports Kid of the Year

By Rachel Cicurel

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Mark Bechtel, Stephen Cannella AND Kostya Kennedy

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick

Zebra Crossing

Some refs can't help getting in the game

Edited by Mark Bechtel, Stephen Cannella AND Kostya Kennedy

That 70s Guy

By Rebecca Shore

World Series

Dear America, Wish You Were Here

The Phillies and the Rays played long ball and small ball, had plenty of close calls, even rain and drama long after last call in the latest Fall Classic to open its doors to the game's upwardly mobile. So, where were you?

By Tom Verducci

Fuel to the Fire

The Hot Stove Season is upon us. Here are five radical--but inspired--moves that would give the off-season some sizzle

By Joe Sheehan

Pro Football

No More Wowboys

Tabbed by many in the preseason as a Super Bowl favorite, the star-studded Dallas Cowboys instead find themselves in a week-to-week struggle just to keep their postseason hopes alive

By Peter King

Etched in Steel

The reigning champion Giants made a lasting impression with a hard-hitting, come-from-behind victory in hostile Pittsburgh

By Jim Trotter


We Are Defense

During Penn State's run to No. 3 the offense got the glory, but against Ohio State the guys on the other side of the ball saved the day and gave the Nittany Lions a clear shot at the BCS title game

By Austin Murphy


A Game with Tea Breaks

Ten years ago cricket was an exotic fringe sport in the U.S. But thanks to a surge of new immigrants--and to elite players who follow the money and go to bat for more than one team--it's coming to a field near you

By Michael Bamberger

Indiana Basketball


Taking over a program that imploded under Kelvin Sampson, the sanguine new coach sends a message of hope and patience (heavy on the patience) to frustrated Hoosiers faithful

By L. Jon Wertheim


Inside: The Week In Sports

Down and Out?

The numbers show that a weak October haunts teams that have Stanley Cup ambitions--bad news for the Ducks

By Sarah Kwak

Pierre McGuire's In The Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Stewart Mandel's Three-Point Stance

By Stewart Mandel

Going Nowhere

A lost weekend for front-runners Pitt and South Florida left the Big East with no team worthy of its BCS berth

By Mark Beech

Inside Voices

The Favre-Millen affair lifted a veil on info sharing--and raises questions about who should be talking to whom

By Jim Trotter

DR. Z'S Pick of the Week

By Paul Zimmerman

For Better or Worse

In the volatile NFL, change can come quickly. Some of these players got off the deck, others took a fall

By David Sabino

Time to Retool

The current format has drained all the drama from the Chase for the Cup, but a few tweaks could rev it right up

By Lars Anderson

Won and Done

After a distinguished 49-year career, Arizona coach Lute Olson abruptly retired, leaving the Wildcats to rebuild

By Grant Wahl

Point After

Rx for a Medical Dilemma

By Selena Roberts



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