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FORMER SLUGGERJose Canseco said in an A&E documentary last week that he was sorry hewrote his 2005 steroid tell-all, Juiced. "The more I think about it, themore I regret mentioning these players in my book," he said. "I admiredthem; I respected them." Maybe it's karma, but Canseco's career hasn'texactly prospered since the book. After getting knocked out by Vai Sikahema ina boxing match in July, Canseco is preparing to get back into the ring for aJanuary bout with Partridge Danny Bonaduce. . . . Ashton Kutcher (below) mayhave a career in coaching if the acting thing doesn't pan out. As thefirst-year football coach at Harvard-Westlake High (North Hollywood), Kutcherhas the Wolverines off to a 4-2 start. "Though coaching football is nogreat step for mankind . . . it's a great step for me," says Kutcher,who played linebacker at Clear-Creek Amana High in Tiffin, Iowa. "I'm notthere to teach them; they are there to teach me." . . . Swimmer MichaelPhelps has been learning to play poker in Las Vegas lately, and last week hereached the final table of the Caesars Palace Poker Classic. He finished ninthof 187 entrants, earning a gold Caesars Palace medallion to go with his14 Olympic gold medals.

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