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Talking Trash

Finally, the Texas Longhorns have found the answer to the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover jinx. After beating Oklahoma and before their next game, against Missouri, Colt McCoy showed his teammates the SI issue with him on the cover and then threw it into the wastebasket. Who knew it was that easy?
Abel Cuevas Jr., Rolesville, N.C.

The critical factor in Texas's win over Oklahoma was not the Longhorn "grit" or the "cowbells" that you mention, and certainly not Colt McCoy outplaying quarterback Sam Bradford (Lone State Statement, Oct. 20). It was the devastating injury to Sooners linebacker Ryan Reynolds. That was the deciding moment in the game and the major reason the Oklahoma defense was unable to stop the Longhorns.
John P. Ross, Edmond, Okla.

Feud for Thought

How delightful to read about the bad feelings that the Rays have developed for the Red Sox (Ready to Rummmble, Oct. 20). I immediately adjusted my rooting allegiance from AWPRS (Anybody Who Plays Red Sox) to AWHRS (Anybody Who Hates Red Sox).
Don Rindfuss, Jamesville, N.Y.

Selling Short

Joe Posnanski's story on Dustin Pedroia and baseball's great undersized players (PLAYERS, Oct. 20) brought back memories of one of the best little men to play the game, Houston outfielder Jimmy (the Toy Cannon) Wynn. Listed at 5' 9", he was more like 5' 7". I delighted at watching him hit 450-foot home runs in the spacious expanse of the Astrodome.
Hector L. Viera, Winterville, N.C.

Don't forget about pitcher Bobby Shantz, listed at 5' 6" and most likely shorter. He went 24--7 for the 1952 A's, a fourth-place team with 79 wins. In the 1950s I attended a Little League day doubleheader in Cleveland; Shantz mixed right in with the rest of the "kids."
Matt Chew, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Pee Wee Reese, mentioned in your story, was 5' 9", which in the 1940s was not considered short. He actually got his nickname from playing marbles as a youngster—he was a champion in the peewee category.
Robert A. Lund
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Burning Bush

The reasons that the Saints' Reggie Bush will continue to be seen as a bust (INSIDE THE NFL, Oct. 20) are his inopportune fumbles and also his lack of maturity. He is a showboater who needs to grow up. Coach Sean Payton should realize that Bush is a receiver, not a running back.
Chuck Crawford, Folsom, La.

Reggie will never be a bulldozer back, but he leaves defenders grasping at air and scores a few touchdowns in the process. I'll take that kind of bust any day.
Tony Miranda, Pearl River, La.

Buffalo Soldier

Raising my 17-year-old son to be a Bills fan in New England hasn't been easy. Since he hasn't seen Buffalo make the playoffs this decade, he's had to faithfully accept my tales of Buffalo greatness. But when we read Dr. Z's reference to the "shot heard round the world" in the 1964 AFL Championship Game (INSIDE THE NFL, Oct. 20), he looked over at me and said, "Huh, so maybe you aren't totally crazy." Thanks, with the appreciation that only the father of a teenage son can give.
David Balsom, Lexington, Mass.

Making the Cut

I was saddened to read Chris Ballard's Digital Revolution, not because Mesa State lineman Trevor Wikre decided to have his pinkie finger removed (POINT AFTER, Oct. 20) so he could continue with his football season, but because so many people were upset that he did. I was fortunate enough to have played college sports. I wouldn't have hesitated for a moment to make the same decision Wikre did. Furthermore, I would have expected the same from any of my teammates. It's through caring about silly things like sports that we learn to care about what's really important. Hint: It isn't the pinkie finger.
Ben Strutt, Brooklyn

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Roy Wonder

In a WEEK AHEAD item (PLAYERS, Oct. 20), Detroit's Roy Williams said, "We still have a realistic chance to make the playoffs, believe it or not." Evidently he knew what he was talking about. He was soon traded to Dallas, and does indeed have a chance to make the playoffs.
Mark Thompson, Spicer, Minn.





CATCHING ON Williams snared a TD in his second game in Dallas