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Dr.Z's Pick of the Week

Any NFL club that has reached 9--0 usually has a half dozen Pro Bowl spots wrapped up by now and a couple of book contracts in the works. Tennessee has a 35-year-old quarterback and a bunch of no-name receivers and a good turnover ratio. How boring. But who's going to beat them? Well, I thought the Bears could do it at home on Sunday. They did exactly what I think the Jaguars will do this week—crowd the running lanes and make Kerry Collins (right) win the game. Which he did. Don't forget, this guy was a serious long-ball thrower in Carolina.

If the Jags had a little more teeth to their attack, I'd say the upset chances were there. But their line, the heart of the offense, has been crippled beyond recognition. Titans to keep rolling and get win No. 10.

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