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Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

Kurt Warner has gotten the short end when Arizona has played the Giants. In 2004, his one season in New York (right), he QB'd a losing effort against the Cardinals, who drove him nuts with blitzes and fake blitzes; a week later the Giants handed the reins to rookie Eli Manning. The following year Warner was the Cardinals' starter, and he lost to New York 42--19.

On Sunday he'll get another chance when the Giants visit Glendale. The playoff-bound Cards have a killer aerial attack. New York can run the ball in punishing fashion, and stop it the same way. But in the Giants' only loss this season, the Browns lit them up for 310 yards in the air. Everything is favorable for a Cardinals upset. The Giants are due for a letdown. Let's call this Warner's revenge—and my upset special.

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