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Rhodes Warrior

Myron Rolle gets a scholarship—and a win

AFTER A gruelinginterview and a two-hour wait last Saturday, the real torture began for MyronRolle. The Florida State safety was sitting in an office in Mountain Brook,Ala., waiting to hear if he had been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. DraytonNabers Jr., chairman of the District 7 selection committee, was announcing twowinners chosen from the 13 finalists interviewed that day. Nabers paused afterthe first name, Harvard's Parker Goyer. The three-second wait, says Rolle,"felt like an eternity."

For Rolle, ajunior from Galloway, N.J., who finished his premed degree in 2 1/2 years andreceived a grant for cancer research last summer, the wait was worth it. WhenNabers announced him as one of the 32 U.S. Scholars who can study at Oxford,Rolle bowed his head and thanked God—briefly: He had a plane to catch. In 2 1/2hours his team would face Maryland in College Park, and Rolle wanted to helpkeep the FSU's ACC Atlantic Division title hopes alive.

A Ford Excursioncarried Rolle to Birmingham International Airport, where a jet on loan fromOutback Steakhouse cofounder Bob Basham awaited. (The NCAA allowed Basham togive the flight as an in-kind donation to FSU's booster club.) Rolle settled inand discussed his Rhodes interview with a small group of reporters. Then heclicked on his iPod and allowed Frank Sinatra and Ice Cube to sing/rap him tosleep. By the time the jet touched down in Baltimore, the Seminoles and theTerrapins had kicked off. Rolle hopped into a University police pickup boundfor Byrd Stadium, and FSU fans gave him a standing O when he appeared late inthe first half. After Rolle's third play, back judge Tommy Pace walked over andshook his hand.

Rolle made twotackles, and FSU cruised to a 37--3 win. Afterward Rolle—still chilly from theGatorade bath his teammates gave him—had a hug-heavy reunion with his parentsand four brothers. Rolle's dad, Whitney, wore the biggest smile."Myron," he said, "has always been exceptional. Always."

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Go Figure

Career rushing yards by West Virginia's Pat White, an NCAA mark for a QB.

Points scored by Division II Abilene Christian's football team in a win overWest Texas A&M last Saturday, the most ever in an NCAA playoff game.

Points scored by West Texas A&M, which had 721 yards of offense but wasoutgained by 89.

NBA players who have had 40 points, 10 assists and 5 blocks in a game: theSuns' Alvan Adams in 1977 and the Heat's Dwyane Wade, who had 40, 11 and 5against the Raptors on Nov. 19.

Races won by thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen in 2008, a North Americansingle-year record.

Yards Ravens safety Ed Reed ran back an interception for a touchdown on Sunday,the longest return in NFL history.

The previous longest interception return; Reed set that record in 2004.

Syracuse's record after beating Notre Dame last week; the Irish had never lostto an eight-loss team.

Losses by Notre Dame in 2007 and '08, its most ever in a two-year span.

Consecutive losses by the Fordham women's basketball team since the start oflast season before a win over Manhattan on Nov. 19.



SAFETY SCHOLAR Rolle, FSU's second-leading tackler, is a future neurosurgeon.



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