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NFL: Comin' at Ya

THE FIRST live NFL game in digital 3-D, between the Raiders and the Chargers on Dec. 4, was screened in theaters in Boston, L.A. and New York (below); now league execs are plotting how to bring 3-D into people's homes. Not only was the action, produced by 3Ality Digital, powerfully in your face, but shots of the players meandering on the field before the game let viewers feel as if they were navigating an ever-extending diorama. There are drawbacks: Graphics can be tough to read, and as Howard Katz, the NFL's VP of broadcasting and media, says, "the best shots are from field level, but that's not how people usually watch football."

Glitches aside, home 3-D is on the fast track. And the NFL is laying the groundwork for a 3-D highlights film off the 2010 Super Bowl.